Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Follow me

I really like the 'Follow' feature that Blogger added many months back.

Since I read blogs from my dashboard, all I need to do is click on a blog's 'Follow' icon and it will automatically supply me with that blog's new posts. I used to read blogs by saving them to my browser favorites list, and would go down the list each time I wanted to look for new posts. But I found that method inefficient, since it made me check every blog each time, even those that didn't have new posts.

But probably my favorite reason for liking the 'Follow' feature is because I can see how many people have decided to follow my blog, and who they are.

Let's be honest, I don't get a lot of comments on my posts, usually a dozen or less, compared to other blogs I know that get 20, 50, or more comments per post. If I didn't have the 'Follow' feature, I might incorrectly assume that only a dozen or so people read my posts. But thanks to that handy 'Follow' feature, I know I have over 60 people following my blog. That makes me feel great!

That's not to say that I post just to get comments. If that were true I would have stopped blogging the first year when only 1 or 2 people were reading. But I've continued for almost 5 years now because I like it. Blogging gives me a forum to express myself and connect with others virtually. I've also had the pleasure of meeting several bloggers in person, thanks to the friendships created by sharing our thoughts and experiences with each other virtually.

So today I dedicate this post to all of you who follow Tales of the Sissy, and I extend to you my sincere thanks.
Please feel free to leave a comment about what you like, what you don't like, and what you want to read more about, and I'll try to incorporate your input. But remember, in the end its all about me!

Crush du Jour: Markus Meyer


David Dust said...

And THANK YOU for being such a fabulous blogger and friend!!


Larry Ohio said...

A big thank-you right back at ya! I like the Blogger friend thingy too, but what I REALLY like, and thankfully discovered early on, is the RSS feature. No more wondering if someone has an updated post or not. I get notified!

I love your blog Mark, it's terrific.

Pssst... on your blog roll you can replace my old blog with my new one :-)

Anonymous said...

You are welcome! I'm glad you enjoy blogging and I always enjoy your posts!

tankmontreal said...

A dozen or less??? I should be so lucky. 'Course I could post more often too.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I moved away from Blogger a couple years back. I still have a profile there but no blog.

I use an RSS reader to keep up with all the blogs. On blogger just add /atom.xml to the end and copy it into your favorite aggregator (I use the Sage add-on for Firefox)

Bob said...

Back watch with the Thanks!
i love the life and times of Tales of the Sissy and Spouse.

Unknown said...

I can't help but think it would improve the blog if you would get me a date with one or two of the 'Crush Du Jour' boys...

Blogging can be fun, and you do it well!

Angel said...

oh Howard!!!

Thank you right back, cuz my life is so much richer for now I have you and Spouse as friends. Really, the DDBW brought so many wonderful people into my life!


Stephen said...

I read you every day & am never disappointed, although i am ready for the remodel to be done.
Blogger friends are great & I am still learning the protocol.
I love to know about you & your guy, but Crush du Jour is my favorite feature.
Hugs from Portland!

wcs said...

Loving the house remodel updates! And c-d-j goes without saying. Your blog is a great mix of interesting stuff.

Thanks go to you!

Joy said...

I look forward to reading your blog! I'm glad you write it.

tornwordo said...

I use a feed too. I remember the freedom when I switched. Like you, I don't waste time clicking on blogs that haven't been updated.

Victor said...

Although I don't comment often, I follow your blog and enjoy it and I thank you for the comments you place on mine.

Java said...

I do the same thing with the follow thing on Blogger. I used to do the bookmarks thing, then started using the "follow" feature on Blogger. I now click the blogs from my Blogger dashboard. I can keep up with what's new if and when my life settles down enough for me to be able to check the dashboard often enough!!!