Saturday, August 01, 2009

Addition update - week 7

Week 7
The hole was cut in the existing bathroom wall to provide access to the new bathroom space. This hole will become the walkway (not a doorway) and will be open to the ceiling.
Interior wall framing begins. Under the sloped ceiling on the right is the framing of the closet wall. (Yes, the diamond window will be in the closet.)

This is the same space, only more framing has gone up. In the foreground of this photo is the framing for the toilet closet.
Outside, Junior worked to cap off end of porch. Recall that the wrap around porch roof had been cut off and the end was jagged.
Here's a close-up of the capped off porch roof, just to the right of the scaffolding.

Tues: The access hole into the new space was opened up all the way to the ceiling (no photo of that) and the toilet was removed. It will be re-installed into the toilet closet later. Framing of the interior walls continued. This is the view from the new walkway looking into the new bathroom space. On the right is where the 2-person tiled shower room will be. On the left (under the windows) is where the 2-person heated, jetted tub will be.Outside prep work was done in preparation for the pouring of the garage floor.
Back inside, protective paper was taped onto the wood floors.

Wed: The garage floor was poured. The ceiling in the main level powder room had to be removed in order for plumbing and HVAC work to be done. The powder room is directly below the existing master bathroom.
The sink and vanity were removed so that the tile floor could be removed. The sink/vanity will be re-installed in the same location later. Below its sitting in our bedroom at the foot of our bed. The toilet, also in the bedroom now, is barely visible on the right.
Here's where the sink/vanity used to be.
We wanted to save the tile floor in the existing bathroom (as one of several 'green' initiatives) and purchase more of it for the new bathroom space, but found the tile was discontinued. So one of my efforts to be green had to be scrapped. But the positive that came from removing the existing tile floor is now we will be able to install radiant heating underneath the new tile floor in both the old and the new bathroom spaces! No more frosty toes on winter mornings.

The fiberglass tub/shower combo was removed. Below is where it used to be. On the right, in front of the door, you can see 2 light yellow water pipes that were discovered in the wall that was removed.
In this photo you can see the plumber relocated the water pipes inside the back wall.

Thurs: The garage floor has 'cured' enough to walk on. The new tub was delivered. It was placed in the general area, but will be centered under the 3 windows on the left.
The electrician and I did a walk-thru to determine where lights, switches, and outlets should be placed. He used a Sharpie to make notes, and then began his work.
Outside, the roof over the small peak (over the side door) was completed. Here's a close-up:

Fri: The HVAC guy began installing the new heat and a/c ducts and vents. In the bottom right below you can see the duct/vent that will service the toilet closet. He'll be back for more.
Junior, Chris, and Jay only worked a 1/2 day, mainly doing site clean-up and prepping for Monday's delivery of siding. Mike the builder and I talked about the rough-in and venting for a (future) Rinnai tankless water heater, and he gave me literature so we could select the style of garage door and glass blocks for the shower room.

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Steve said...

Looks like it's coming along nicely.

Julian = ggrrr

Romance said...

Wow, what massive undertaking. Glad you two and pup are surviving it.

Big kisses to you all

Jeff said...

Wow! Huge amount of work! It will all be worth it though! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Having all those people and all that work & dust flying would drive me mad, so congrats on surviing thus far. In the end, I bet it will all be great.

And speaking of ggrrrrreat, love Julian!

Bob said...

Looks like they're working very quickly, though I'm sure you and Spouse might disagree!

Java said...

Oooo! Glass blocks! I love glass blocks.

I can't wait to see the shower. The tub looks luxurious.

Joy said...

So much progress! Thank you for posting these updates. I look forward to them every week.

Anonymous said...

It's really starting to look like it's taking shape. You're coming into the final construction phase here.

Before you now it, all will be done.

Steven said...

Pretty soon the progress will be going WAY TOO FAST. The grunt work I believe has just about been completed and what remains will be somewhat quicker. We may have to settle with a lot more photos to see all the progress in the coming week. :-)

Take that Sharpie and put your "John Hancock" on your favorite stud; 2 x 4 that is. ;-)

tornwordo said...

Love the construction updates. You are being so respectful but I bet it's easy on the eyes having those workmen around every day ; )

J.J.Johnson AKA J-cubed said...

The tub looks amazing! I just bought a 2 Person Jetted Tub. I hope it turns out great like I think it should.