Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend highlights

Recently we've been spending time with and getting to know Steven & Thad better. Thad was intrigued to learn that I have been writing this blog for 4 1/2 years and has become a loyal reader.

He recently gave me a little grief because I had not mentioned in my blog a very enjoyable dinner we had. (He was kidding, of course.) In reality, the dinner occurred last Mon night and I simply forgot to include it in my Friday fragments.

This past weekend we spent a good bit of time with Steven & Thad, so I'm sure Thad will be happy to see that I am mentioning him, several times. It was a very 'Thad' weekend!

Sat morning after Spouse returned from his personal trainer appointment, we picked up Big Ella from the storage center (her temporary home until the garage is done) and went to a car show at 1st State Chevrolet. It was hosted by a Corvette club so there were probably 30-40 Corvettes in every color, old and new, convertibles, targa tops, and T-tops, along with a smattering of other collectible cars. Rick & Nick entered their Corvette and Viper in the show. We drove Big Ella but did not enter her since we arrived after the registration period had ended. However I parked her near the entries so observers could appreciate her anyway. Steven & Thad also came, and we walked around together for 30 minutes or so, looking at the great samples of automobile Americana. It was about 90 degrees and extremely humid.

Afterward we had lunch with Steven & Thad at Pizza Palace, a spot where Thad had eaten lunch several times before, since he works nearby. The food was pretty tasty and very reasonably priced. Unfortunately Steven's 'lunch flow' was irreparably thrown out of whack when the waitress brought his slice of pizza at the same time as his cheeseburger. The slice was supposed to be an appetizer! Once home again, Spouse took a nap and I prepared some blog stuff. Later we went out for a ride in Big Ella, then returned her to the storage place just as it began to sprinkle. We stopped at the grocery store, then went home and watched TV.

Sun morning we had coffee and watched a little TV, then did some housecleaning. Our DVD stopped working correctly so I pulled an extra one out of the attic and used it to replace the 'bad' one. The 'bad' one would play for a while, then freeze. The remote and panel buttons did nothing. The only way to free it up was to turn the player off completely, then turn it back on and skip through the chapters to find where we'd left off. This happened like 8 times while trying to watch a DVD and was very frustrating! Anybody else every heard of this?

After showers we went to Chris & Jason's house for Chris' birthday party/dinner. Jason made delicious lasagna and other food. I couldn't believe we stayed for 5 hours, but we were enjoying meeting some new folks and talking with folks we already knew, like Chris & Jason, the Bobs, and Steven & Thad. We had a lot of fun!

Shortly after returning home I watched 'Design Star'. For the 2nd week in a row, Jason said "functionable" (not a real word) instead of "functional". After viewing his 'high energy' hosting skills during the room reveal, Jason said to the judges "I am SO gay." DUH!!! But yet again, he could not complete his room in the allotted time and the judges thought it looked amateurish. Buh-bye Jason. I wonder if Thad watched 'Design Star'?

Crush du Jour: Arap Bethke


Angel said...

once again...You and Spouse have the best weekends.....

and your crush is a cutie! Looks sorta like John Stamos, huh?

Bob said...

I have been recapping Design Star this year and I keep forgetting "functionable" even though every time Jason said it I would scream at the TV!

Java said...

So, were you trying to see how many times you could mention Thad in this post? I'm amused.

Sounds like a fun weekend.

Joy said...

That's a lackluster group this season on Design Star, isn't it?

RAD said...

Wow another busy boys are so social! What fun! I am glad Jason got canned on DS...He was not that good and his desings and decor choises kinda sucked..even his hosting skills were not great...he was such a spaz! Hope your week goes well! Dan is liuky he might win it...Unless tattoo man can pull it off agaist him...will see! :-)

Stephen said...

How come you never mention any of our great times together? Remember when we sat on the dunes & named the cloud shapes while we drank champagne? Or the time we took Gerard Butler out dancing? How come you never mention me?

Mistress Maddie said...

Girl, sounds like a wonderful weekend. Sorry we missed each other over the weekend. But just as well, I didn't realize my friend had everything planned out. And the city was MOBBED! And I am now sunburned terrible from the beach on Sunday. Oh dear.

Steve said...

Frankly I'm a little hurt that you've mentioned Thad more than me. :o(