Saturday, August 22, 2009

Addition update - week 10

Week 10
This week was all about finishing up things in preparation for 3 key inspections, so the photos this week aren't so exciting. But, here you have them.

Mon: More HVAC work, more electrical work, and more plumbing work were done, most of which were not visible. Some roofing touch-up was completed. The siding application continued.

Tues: More HVAC, electrical, and plumbing work was done. Here is the wiring for the light fixtures on either side of the garage door.
The door from the house into the garage is installed. There used to be a window in this spot, which was removed and relocated on the outside wall of the garage. This opening was boarded up for a few weeks, but now has a fire-proof door.

Wed: The plumbing and electrical inspections both took place: we passed! This is the new electric breaker box in the garage. The house's breaker box was full so an additional box was installed for all the new electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and the heated/jetted tub.
The application of the tan HardiPlank siding continues on the back of the garage.
Thurs: Framing around the HVAC duct in the garage was started.
We know that we will have a Rinnai tankless water heater installed at some point, so we had the 'rough in' done now while the addition was under construction. When we're ready, the Rinnai unit can be purchased and easily installed. Here is the 'rough in' for the venting of the Rinnai.
Fri: The framing inspection occurred: we passed! Some exterior trim touch-up painting was done, and the crew went home early. Its been so hot and humid that I didn't blame them for knocking off early. Of course, about an hour after they left, the scalloped siding they'd been waiting for all week was delivered.
Mike the builder gave us a catalog and we picked out our garage door.

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Joy said...

This was an eventful and productive week with all those inspections! Glad it's going so well. Can't wait to see the interior when that's finished. The exterior is beautiful, and I like the pointyness of it!

Java said...

A fireproof door! Nice!

HVAC is always a good idea. Always.

Glad you passed all the inspections.

Bob said...

Tankless water heaters are the best!

cb said...

Looks like it all is really coming together!

A Lewis said...

Damn it those spam commenters (above).

you'll never know how much i'm loving your construction updates....I'm so totally into that sort of thing! It's like watching This Old House!

RAD said...

cant wait to seeit all done!! Nice crush...again :-)