Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

Today's arts and crafts assignment at the old folks home: make a replica of something you love but haven't seen in years.
For years I have avoided sushi. Its not that I tried it and didn't like it. I always seemed to find a hundred other things on menus that sounded better than sushi. A few months ago I decided to try some to see what I'd been missing. I'm still not willing to try
sashimi, but I have tried and enjoyed several sushi rolls. My friends Liz & Robert introduced me to the act of mixing some wasabi into your dish of soy sauce and then dipping your sushi rolls into the mixture. Yum!! We have 2 restaurants nearby that serve good, fresh sushi. I'm expanding my culinary horizons.

Speaking of sushi, that's what I ate last night at the birthday dinner for our friends Jason and PW at Tokyo restaurant. Tokyo is one of those hibachi places where the chef cooks the meat, rice, and veggies in front of you on a hot griddle while entertaining the diners with his antics. Rather than having the meat, rice, and veggies, I opted for sushi which I really enjoyed. The chef was a lot of fun and all 17 of us had a great time.

After the birthday dinner, Bryan & Jason, Vince, Kevin, and Spouse & I went to karaoke hosted by a drag queen named Mona Lott. It was great fun, and it got me to thinking about old school drag queen names. By 'old school' I mean drag queen names that are funny and kind of double entendres like Mona Lott, Bertha Venation, and Iona Trailer. THOSE are drag queen names!! I'm rather unimpressed by the 'new school' drag queens whose names sound like soap opera characters instead of drag queens. Dominique Devereaux, Rachel St Claire, and Miranda Michaels sound like they're trying too hard.

Yesterday I wrote about my neighbor Spencer's house ('cabin') being demolished and I wrote that I thought the cabin was 60-70 years old. This morning I saw one of my other neighbors who grew up in this neighborhood. She told me that Spencer's father purchased the cabin in 1969 and had it moved to the lot across from me. When the beach front land was being sold to developers, the existing cabins residing on that land were offered to locals for free, with the stipulation that they had to be moved off the land. So Spencer's father had the cabin moved from the beach and added on the back porch, which later got enclosed.

I recently learned that some of my gay male friends were big football fans and were looking forward to the upcoming football season. After coming across this photo... I can see why football interests them so much! Just kidding... happy Friday everyone!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bringin' down the house

Yesterday a hydraulic excavator was delivered on a flatbed trailer to my neighbor's house, diagonally across the street. That afternoon the excavator tore apart 1/2 the house and loaded the pieces into a large dumpster truck. Today 2 more dumpster trucks have been filled with the remains of the house. By the end of the day I expect there will be nothing left but the cinder block foundation. Maybe that will be torn apart and removed as well.

Until yesterday I had never seen a house be demolished. Its really quite interesting. The company handling this demolition did a great job of keeping the area safe. Since the lots are small and the houses are close together here in this historic 'downtown', they can't just come in with a backhoe and push the house down. There's no room to push it anywhere, so it has to be carefully pulled apart and placed into canisters to be hauled away. Not very noisy and very little debris in the air. Its almost an art form to watch.

The house belonged to a very nice 50-something year old man named Spencer. I believe he grew up in the house and then lived there with his wife and daughter. The year before we moved here his wife passed away. About 2 years later his daughter moved out to be closer to her job. Spencer said the house held too many memories of the past so he put it up for sale. Spencer moved to a condo nearby and we still see him occasionally.

The house was purchased a few months ago by a 'local couple' who then made arrangements for its demolition. The asbestos siding and shingles were removed, as was the heating oil tank. The city removed the electrical and water connections.

The house could best be described as a modest cabin. It was probably built 60-70 years ago, before this town had a building code. The original cabin had 2 tiny bedrooms (probably 8' x 8') without closets and 1 bath. The kitchen appeared to have been added over time, with mis-matched cabinets and countertops and an ancient stove and sink. At some point the back porch was enclosed to create a family room of sorts and another bathroom was added.

Spouse & I looked at the house not long after it was put up for sale, before we built the garage onto our house. We thought we might be able to renovate the cabin to be used as a weekly rental for tourists and we could build a garage onto the house to store Big Ella. But our review of the cabin's construction and overall condition lead us to decide it was beyond renovation, which is apparently the same conclusion drawn by the purchaser.

The remaining lot is a nice size and shape, nearly square. Many of the lots around here are narrow and long, requiring 'shot gun' style homes to be built on them. But this lot will accommodate a traditional style home and I'm curious to see what will be built there. The location is desirable due to its walking distance to the 'main street' in town.

Gentrification of neighborhoods is a tricky concept. While gentrification usually results in more attractive homes and better overall property values, it also tends to erase the history of a neighborhood. This pocket of town used to be the 'black' section of town and many of the original houses were like Spencer's. One by one the properties have been sold, the cabins torn down, and new homes (like ours) have replaced them. While I'm glad that this has taken place, since we love our home and its location, I feel sad that the history of the African American families who once lived here has been replaced by the fake history represented by the reproduction homes (like ours) that now occupy those lots.

Hopefully the history will remain in the stories told by longtime residents who return for the neighborhood block party every Sept. This year I'm going to be more interested in hearing and remembering those stories.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Close to a year ago I was chatting on Facebook with an old high school friend Keri who was also a member of the jazz/show choir called 'Dominants' with me. Keri said she had run into our old director Debbie at the gym and got her email address. I got Debbie's email address but didn't write to her for nearly a year. I wanted to reconnect with her as an adult and tell her what a strong, positive influence she had on me. I wanted to tell her that I actually used everything I learned in her classes. I wanted her to know how highly all the former 'Dominants' speak of her on the Facebook page. I wanted her to know she made an important impact on my life, but wasn't sure where to start.

So just last Fri I was chatting with 2 other former members of 'Dominants' when 1 of them asked if I knew where Debbie was living, since she had retired. I shared with these 2 friends Debbie's email address, which made me stop for a few minutes and wonder why I hadn't emailed her yet. So I did.

The next day Debbie wrote back and said that she was "thrilled" to hear from me. After all the students she'd had in the 27 years since I graduated, I wasn't completely sure she'd remember me, but she did. She reminded me of "one of the highlights" of her career, which was the visit from Kirby Shaw, the distinguished vocal jazz composer/arranger/singer. She also said she certainly hoped I was using my "wonderful musical talents" in some way. (I always feel bad when someone from my musical past wants to know what I'm doing musically these days and I have to tell them 'nothing'.)

The next day on the beach I was introduced by a mutual friend to Bruce. It turns out that Bruce lives in the same town in VA where my high school is located. In fact, not only did both of us go to that same high school, we were there at the same time! He was a freshman the year I was a senior. As a joke I said "You might remember me, I was in 'Dominants'..." since 'Dominants' was the elite vocal jazz and show choir in the state. Being in 'Dominants' made you almost as cool as being on the varsity football team. Well, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised we he replied that he, too, was in 'Dominants' after I had graduated. Of course he asked if I knew anything about Debbie's whereabouts, so I told him about my recent email and her response.

While I'm at the beach talking to Bruce, a guy named Wes emailed me. (I read it later that evening.) He said he met Debbie at the gym and when she learned that he was looking for a singer for his gospel quartet, she highly recommended me. Of course she didn't know at the time that I lived in DE, so when I wrote back to Wes I explained that important detail.

So let's recap. Although I'd had Debbie's email address for about a year, I finally write to her on Fri. The next day she writes back. The next day I meet Bruce, another former student of hers, and later I get an offer to audition for a paid singing group due to a recommendation from Debbie.

Is it all just coincidence? I'm not sure. But if it isn't, what does it all mean?

Is the Universe trying to get me to find a creative musical outlet?

I really don't want to sing gospel music, even if I did live in VA. I really, really want to sing a capella vocal jazz but have no prospects for doing so at this time. But maybe if I 'put myself out there' the Universe will help me connect with people who have the same interest.

Which brings me to another coincidence, or not.

Sun on the beach Bryan & Jason and Vince invited me & Spouse to come out with them this Thurs night for karaoke, since it will be Vince's last opportunity before leaving the area. We agreed, so I will be singing karaoke this Thurs, which kind of goes along with the idea of 'putting myself out there' where I might find others who may want to sing jazz with me.

Coincidences? Hopefully time will tell.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend highlights

Wow, what a weekend!

Its started as weekends usually do for us with Spouse's work out and my coffee and episodes of "Sell This House". Then I unpacked all my bags of Dollar Store items and laid them out in themes in preparation to begin assembling the GaGa glasses. (Back story: Everyone knows Lady GaGa is known for her unusual, futuristic glasses. A local dance club was hosting a Lady GaGa night and I said to Steven & Thad and The Bobs that we should all wear GaGa-inspired glasses to the club that night. I went to the Dollar Store and bought 6 pairs of glasses and all kinds of stuff to adorn them. Thad loaned me his hot glue gun.) Once satisfied with the layouts, I began piecing and gluing them together. Spouse came home and decided it was too hot to go to the beach, but I still wanted to go. So he stayed home and watched TV and played around on the computer and I met up with Jason and Vince for lunch, then headed to the beach. It was really hot and the breeze was coming off the land so it wasn't cool or refreshing. Vince said he felt like he was in a convection oven! A little later Patrick and Chris showed up, an we divided our time between the shade of our beach umbrellas and the chilly but refreshing ocean. Finally the wind changed directions and came off the ocean which made it much more comfortable.

I got home about 5:30, had a shower, then worked on the GaGa-inspired glasses some more. Then I met Bryan & Jason, Vince, Patrick, Chris, Charles and Henry for dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Spouse decided to eat at home and continue his 'day of relaxation'. After dinner I returned home and put the finishing touches on the GaGa-inspired glasses and had Spouse take some photos. I don't know why I didn't smile in any of these photos - maybe because I was rushed. Since Lady GaGa wore those wild lobster claw shoes in her "Bad Romance" video, Steven suggested a lobster theme for 1 of the glasses, so this is what I came up with:
To go along with her song "Money Honey" I created this pair of glasses:
Yes, that's a calculator hanging from the left side. Not directly related to any particular GaGa song, this next pair has a car/racing theme: One of The Bobs suggested a bear theme so I created this:
This pair of glasses is lined with beaded fringe:
And the last pair had a hula girl theme:
If you haven't already, I recommend you click the photos to enlarge them and drink in the details! Spouse hates going to clubs so he stayed home as I packed my glasses and met up with the boys. After modeling each pair of glasses, I wore 1 pair at a time around the club, enjoying the reactions as guys figured out what I was doing. Then came the fun part: dancing with the glasses on! 3 of the 6 pairs had beads on them that moved around as I danced, and the hula girl's shirt moved as I blew out of the corner of my mouth. I would change into a different pair of glasses after 2 or 3 songs, and even got Bryan, Jason, Vince, and Chris to wear them while we all danced. It was a HOOT!! I really had a great time!

Since Sunday's forecast was to be a few degrees cooler, Spouse decided to join me and the guys at the beach. Again we brought beach umbrellas for shade, and plenty of water and snacks. The wind came off the water most of the time so it was really pleasant on the beach. Bryan & Jason, Vince, Patrick, and Chris joined us and we stayed from 11:45 until 4:30. A big wave knocked some guy into Bryan and both of them tumbled around in the surf. Unfortunately Bryan was wearing his prescription sunglasses and was unable to find them. He only meant to wade; otherwise he'd have taken the glasses off. We all had a great time anyway. As we were driving home the skies turned ominously grey, the temperature dropped at least 15 degrees, and the wind kicked up. I pulled a few huge weeds from the flower bed as Spouse took his shower, and then the storm arrived. Like most summer storms, it was wild and scary for a few minutes, then stopped. Spouse cooked dinner and I cleaned up afterwards. We ate and had a relaxing night watching TV.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

My friend Jared sent me this photo of a crazy tombstone. What do you suppose they were thinking when they ordered this?

Target will soon offer a store credit card that gives you 5% off all your purchases, not just on the day you apply, but every time you use it. Read about it here.

I'm still mad that you can't buy in-season merchandise once the season starts.

Jared also supplied me with this funny saying I'd like to have on a T-shirt:
I took Big Ella to the collector car 'Cruise-in' again yesterday after work. TGIFriday sponsors a free 'Cruise-in', complete with DJ, and awards a $75. TGIFriday gift card to the winner each week. I don't care about the judging, but enjoy looking at the other cars and hanging out with other car enthusiasts.

Afterward I met Spouse, Steven & Thad, and the Bob's at our friend Joe's place for dinner. Since the guys agreed to turn it into a surprise for Spouse's birthday, they brought cards and balloons. We ate and talked and had a very nice time.

A friend sent me this:
I wonder where those jeans can be purchased?

The condo remodeling is progressing well but our contractor will not finish this afternoon as expected. So we'll have to wait until next weekend to view the finished project get it listed and rented. I'm excited to see it!

We don't have any exciting plans for the weekend, since we thought we would be driving back to VA. Its supposed to be super hot so I'm not sure if we'll go to the beach or not. Regardless it will just be nice not to have to go to work!

Have a terrific weekend and stay cool. Literally.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Slow down

The other day I mentioned how irritating it was to look for patio furniture on July 17 only to find the stores had sold out of it already. Summer is only 1/2 over and you can't buy any outdoor furniture??? Something is wrong with this.

Last week when Spouse's family was here, they stopped in at his mom's favorite store K-Mart. Spouse said all the men's bathing suits were 1/2 off. On July 14th!! Heaven help you if you need a new bathing suit in August.

I remember ducking into a store just after my birthday (2 weeks before Christmas) and delightedly found all the Christmas stuff was already 1/2 off. Two weeks BEFORE Christmas. Its not so bad when retailers mark down seasonal merchandise before a holiday, as long as they still have the seasonal merchandise DURING the holiday. Wouldn't you be mad if you needed Christmas gift wrap on Dec 17 and they didn't have any?

Last Sun (July 18) I was in Dollar Tree and saw that they already had Halloween and Thanksgiving merchandise in the store. Come on!! Halloween is 3 1/2 months away and Thanksgiving is 4 1/2 months away!

That took me back to the early 80s when I worked in a shopping mall. I distinctly remember walking into JC Penney on the day after New Years and seeing the mannequins dressed in swimwear. On January 2nd!!

Maybe this makes me sound old, but I find this absolutely ridiculous.

What is the purpose in stores 'rushing' the seasons? Don't they think it frustrates and irritates shoppers when they can't find in-season merchandise 1/2 way through the season?

How many bikinis do they sell in January? I wonder how many MORE bikinis they'd sell if they still sold them in August?

How many snow shovels do they sell in August? I wonder how many MORE snow shovels they'd sell if they still sold them in January?

Who's with me on this???

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well, I kinda f*cked up. I didn't do a very good job of celebrating Spouse's birthday yesterday.

In yesterday's post I wrote that instead of getting him a gift for his birthday, I had given him my permission to order any of the items he'd been eying on HSN, QVC, and ShopNBC. I thought I'd let HIM select what he wanted most. But apparently I only said that silently to myself. He claims I never told him that so he thought I had gotten him something for his birthday.

Although he appreciated the flowers I sent to his office, he was kind of deflated that there was no gift or party planned. Of course I felt terrible.

I should have planned something 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I was distracted. His family of 6 was here for a full week, I was coordinating with the contractor who is renovating our rental condo, we made a quick trip to VA (and back the same day) to move some finances and run another errand, work has been stressful, and I had the final walk-thru for our porch expansion project. I didn't forget about his birthday, but it kind of slipped my mind.

We did go out to dinner last night with Deb & Greer, but it was purely coincidental that it fell on his birthday. We'd planned the dinner a month ago so it wasn't really a 'birthday dinner', although they were sweet and brought him a goodie bag full of kitschy things.

So on the way home from dinner he said something to the effect that he sort of thought there would be a birthday gift from me and a party or something, at which point we discovered that I'd never told him to pick out his own gift. I felt badly that he was disappointed, and felt stupid for not being on top of the plans for his birthday. As reminded me, "its comes the same time every year".

I tried to explain to him about being stressed from work and distracted by everything mentioned above, but at the end of the day (literally), there was no gift and no party. Just a floral arrangement and a dinner out with friends.

My mind raced, searching for ways I could rectify the situation. I thought about planning a party for this coming weekend, but I'm not sure we're going to be here this weekend. The condo renovation is supposed to be completed on Fri, so we will need to do a walk-thru to make sure it was all done properly. We could go Fri night, have the walk-thru Sat morning, and be home in the early afternoon for a party that night. But Spouse doesn't want to miss his personal trainer appointment on Sat morning, so he suggested going to VA afterward. We could still return Sat but it would be too late to have enough time to set up for a party. Spouse got frustrated and said "Just forget about it." I went to bed last night feeling like a bad husband for doing such a lousy job on his birthday.

Then today it hit me. Tomorrow evening we're going to our friend Joe's house for dinner, along with Steven & Thad and The Bobs. So I worked it out with Joe to turn the dinner into a surprise birthday party for Spouse.
I've asked Steven to pick up helium birthday balloons and the guys will have birthday cards. No cake since Spouse & Thad are on Weight Watchers, but I'll bring a bowl of watermelon and cantaloupe for dessert. I won't be able to include all of his friends, but at least some of them will be there and I will (hopefully) kinda sorta make up for what I should have planned weeks ago.

Wish me luck in getting back in Spouse's good graces!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy birthday!!

Today is Spouse's birthday. Since I am almost 8 months older than him, today he 'catches up' with me and we are now the same age (46) until December.As always, I ordered a basket of fresh cut flowers (including hydrangea, his favorite) to be delivered to his office today. He loves fresh cut flowers and I love having them delivered to his office because it makes a statement to his colleagues that gay folks aren't that different from straight folks; everyone loves flowers on their birthday.

We are not having a big birthday party for several reasons: Spouse does not like to be the center of attention, his birthday is on a Tuesday, and this weekend we will likely be in VA and unable to host a party.

I did not get him a gift. Instead, I told him he could pick out anything he wanted from the growing list of desired items he's seen recently on his beloved home shopping channels. I don't know if he'll pick the camera, mini-laptop, or something else, but I will encourage him to pick what he wants and will not offer any resistance as I usually do.

By coincidence, we made plans weeks ago to have dinner with our favorite foodies Deb & Greer tonight. I emailed them and told them today is his birthday. We're trying a new bistro that just opened recently. I went online to check their menu for Weight Watchers compatibility but the menu links didn't work, so I called the restaurant and they emailed me their new menu. I forwarded it to Spouse to show that I want to support his WW efforts this evening even though we are celebrating his birthday.

Happy birthday to my best friend and the love of my life!
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend highlights

After 2 weekends in a row of having weekend company, Spouse & I both enjoyed returning to our beloved Sat morning rituals: he with his personal trainer appointment (and gossip fest) with Rick, and me with my coffee and back-to-back episodes of "Sell This House", which were all new to me this week. Afterward we had a low point (Weight Watchers) lunch at home, then decided to see what kind of sales we might be able to find on patio furniture. Although I'm happy with what we have, Spouse thought it might be nice to see if we could score a good deal on something new for our newly expanded screened porch. Must to my amazement, Home Depot and Lowes had nothing but some resin Adirondack-style chairs left. No table and chairs sets; no loveseat and chair sets; nothing. When I asked an employee about it he simply said "You have to shop early in the season." Hello? Its July 17. We're only 1/2 way through summer. People are still interested in patio furniture! I find this ridiculous and will write more about it later. Then Spouse & I went grocery shopping and I showered in preparation for our plans for dinner with Doug & Jim. Unfortunately, Jim's spa day got delayed so they wound up having to cancel. Spouse & I had dinner out anyway, then watched TV.

Thad called Sun morning at 8:30 (yawn), saying he & Steven were on their way to meet his sister Robin for breakfast, and invited us to join them before going to the beach. So we quickly got ourselves together and tossed our beach stuff in the car and met them for breakfast. I had 2 small pancakes and a wonderful fresh fruit plate - not too heavy. Then we went to the beach, and were joined by The Bobs, Joe P and his weekend guests, and our friend PW. It was very hot but there was a nice breeze most of the time. The water was finally warm enough for us to get in, so all of us were finally able to swim in the ocean. It was great!

Steve told us that a local dancebar is going to have a Lady GaGa night next Sat. I think it was me who suggested we all wear wild Lady GaGa-style sunglasses to the event. So after enjoying a lovely day at the beach and having lunch and a shower, I headed to the Dollar Tree to look for stuff to make our GaGa glasses. After 2 hours I found appropriate $1. sunglasses, accessories and accountrement for 4 different looks, but will likely need to shop some other sources for the final 2. Even here at the beach its NOT easy to find small plastic lobsters! Once the GaGa glasses are done I will post photos for you. I returned home to find Spouse had grilled some bison burgers and bison hot dogs (very low fat and high protein) for dinner. We ate and then watched 2 back-to-back episodes of Spouse's latest guilty pleasure: "Ice Road Truckers" and then went to bed.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

Today the electrician and carpenter put the finishing touches on the newly expanded screened porch. Both ceiling fans were installed as was some decorative trim that was left over from the wrap around porch that was removed last year to make way for the garage. It looks great and we are very happy with the finished product.

Sometimes while watching a 'primary' TV show I like to flip to a 'secondary' show during the primary show's commercial breaks. I hate it when the secondary show's commercial breaks are timed with the primary show's breaks. When that happens its commercials on both channels at the same time. Urrrggg...

We struck a deal with our 1st choice of contractors to do the condo renovation. I emailed him the finalized list of materials and finishes we selected, and the work will start on Mon. He says his team will be finished in 5 days. For some reason, I believe him.

Spouse started Weight Watchers 2 weeks ago and is doing VERY well. His 1st week he lost 13 lbs. His 2nd week he lost 2 lbs. despite being off work and with his family. He allowed himself some treats and is really trying to make a serious go of it. I'm really proud of his commitment and hope he sticks with it. I'm not going to the meetings with him or counting points, but I am eating the same dinners he eats and am trying to reduce my portions in general.

I'm looking forward to having nothing specific planned for this weekend. After having company 2 weekends in a row (which included Spouse's family staying with us for a full week), it will be nice to have some time to relax, put things back where they belong, and go to the beach. We're meeting our friends Doug & Jim for dinner on Sat so that should be fun, too.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010


The house is eerily quiet now that the family has left. They packed up and we said our goodbyes shortly before noon.

Yes, it was a bit 'challenging' at times having 6 additional people staying with us for a full week, but it was also a lot of fun. Now that the kids are older (12 1/2, 14 1/2, and 18) I have a lot more enjoyable interaction with them. When they were younger and louder I wouldn't have been able to do it for a week.

They went to the beach almost every day which they really enjoyed. Aside from Sat night's dinner party on the porch, they went out to dinner every night and we joined them about 1/2 the time. Breakfasts and lunches were eaten here. They had a great time taking the ferry to and from Wildwood NJ, and shopping at the tax-free outlets near us. We had several nights of talking while 1/2 watching TV. It was all good.

I should have read the chapter (in the book of life's rules written entirely in my head) about not imagining things to be so bad before they actually are. I'm usually an optimistic person who expects everything will turn out fine in the end (DON'T call me Pollyanna), but for some reason, the thought of 6 family members staying with us for a week had me imagining the worst.

I imagined yelling and rough-housing at midnight when I'm trying to get to sleep because I have to work the next day, but that never happened.

I imagined resistance and whining with parents about stupid stuff in the next room while I'm conducting a client training session on the phone, but that never happened.

I imagined being eaten out of house and home by Amazon-like teenagers, but... well, 2 outta 3 ain't bad.

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Varian Pierce

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stoopid lyrics

Here's another installment of my blog feature 'Stoopid lyrics'. A song's appearance here does NOT mean I think the song is stupid or that I don't like the song. Very often I DO like the song, but find the lyrics don't make sense. Judge for yourself.

Today's selection was suggested by Kevin at The Lisp. Thanks Kev!

New Moon on Monday
performed by Duran Duran

Shake up the picture the lizard mixture
With your dance on the eventide
You got me coming up with answers
All of which I deny
I said it again
Could I please rephrase it
Maybe I can catch a ride
I couldn't really put it much plainer
But I'll wait till you decide
Send me your warning siren
As if I could ever hide
Last time La Luna

I light my torch and wave it for the
New moon on Monday
And a firedance through the night
I stayed the cold day with a lonely satellite

Breaking away with the beast of both worlds
A smile that you can't disguise
Every minute I keep finding
Clues that you leave behind
Save me from these reminders
As if I'd forget tonight
This time La Luna

I light my torch and wave it for the
New moon on Monday
And a firedance through the night
I stayed the cold day with a lonely satellite

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