Friday, August 28, 2015

Bargain decorating

Yesterday while I was out running errands I stopped in at HomeGoods, which is inarguably my favorite store.  I found a large square mirror with a beveled edge in a wide white lacquered frame for $24.99.  I could easily see this for 2 or 3 times as much in a retail store.  The lacquer finish gave it a glamorous look I thought would fit in well with the Hollywood Regency theme in our guest bedroom, so I bought it.

I also saw a charcoal drawing of the Eiffel Tower in a mercury glass/distressed mirror frame for $12.99.  Again, I could see this for 2 or 3 times as much in a retail store.  I thought the mercury glass/distressed mirror finish would fit in well in the same room, so I bought it too.

Oh, and did I mention that I had $40 worth of HomeGoods bonus dollars, so both items were FREE?

I had also saved a piece of metal wall art that used to be in our master bedroom.  I'd gotten it on clearance several years ago and eventually replaced it with a nicer piece of artwork.  Yesterday I gave it 2 coats of black spray paint to go with the Hollywood Regency scheme, and then hung all 3 pieces.  Here's the result:
For under $40 I have an interesting wall collage.  I really like the way the shapes compliment each other, and I love that I was able to re-purpose the metal piece with just a $1 can of spray paint.  Decorating doesn't have to cost a lot if you use some creativity and know where to shop.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day!

According to their website it was created to bring awareness to the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, acknowledges family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort.

To celebrate I've shared a couple National Dog Day posts on facebook, sent 'Happy National Dog Day' texts to my dog-loving friends and family, will take Marvin & Walter for a walk around the pond after work, will give Marvin & Walter a yummy chewy treat after dinner, and am sharing with you some of my favorite photos of my boys.  (Click each to enlarge.)

Happy National Dog Day!

Marvin on Daddy's shoulder

Marvin on Daddy's lap on the back porch

Marvin after a bath

Marvin's first day with his new Daddies

Daddy with his 2 boys

Walter & Marvin sleeping while I work

Marvin sleeping on my shoulder

Marvin & Walter love being on the back porch

Marvin on my lap

Marvin on Sean's lap
Walter and his floppy ears

Walter fell asleep with a chew toy in his mouth

Walter trying to escape from a bath

Marvin & Walter relaxing on my lap

Walter snuggling with me

Walter gives Joe P some puppy kisses

Walter playing on the back porch

Walter snoozing on my shoulder

Marvin & Walter on a walk

Walter at 2 months; the day we chose him
Walter sleeping on his back

Napping on my lap

Marvin on my lap; Walter sleeping on my arm the day he came home with us

Monday, August 24, 2015

Perfect beach day

Wow, yesterday was 1 of the most beautiful beach days ever!

The sky was clear and sunny.  The temperature was 83 degrees.  The humidity was negligible.  There was a light breeze.  To me, these are the recipe for the perfect beach day.

We met Steven & Thad at the beach at 12:30 and stayed until almost 5:00.  While this might not sound like a long day, its longer than we typically stay at the beach.  It was just so beautiful I didn't want to go home, but Spouse was ready and also kept warning me about potential sunburn.

I am rather fair-complected and do have to be careful in the sun.  I always wear sunscreen, although the SPF is lower than Spouse would like.  Plus I usually alternate between being in the sun and being under the shade of an umbrella.

To make the day even better, the water temperature was very comfortable!  Lots of people were in the ocean, jumping the waves, while others skimboarded along the shore.

It was the perfect beach day!

Friday, August 21, 2015


Walter turned a year old last month and is a great dog.  He finally got over his fear of going down the stairs, he understands and responds to many verbal directions, goes into his crate without coersion when we leave the house, and sleeps throughout the night.  Spouse & I believe routine is important for dogs of all ages but especially so for puppies.  Treat training is also a great motivator. 

I also believe that talking to them a lot helps them understand and learn, although Spouse doesn't share my feeling on this.  While I can motivate both dogs with treats, I've found I can also motivate Walter with words too.

I noticed that Walter gets a little jealous of Marvin when I give Marvin physical affection, and will try to engage Marvin in play while I'm petting him.  So I decided to use this to my advantage when taking them outside for their final pee pee before bed.  Marvin is always first to relieve himself while Walter often gets distracted by sounds, smells, you name it.  So when Marvin goes pees I say "Good boy Marvin!  Marvin went pee pee!  Good boy!"  Almost immediately Walter will go pee too in order to get the same verbal praise Marvin just received.  It works every time!
NOT our dog  ;-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Last night Joe P and I went to the theatre.  Community theatre, that is. We went to see one of my favorite musicals: Grease!

I remember seeing it at the movie theatre when Grease came out in 1978.  I loved all the songs and bought the movie soundtrack album.  Yes, that's right - a 33 1/3 RMP vinyl record album.  I still have it.

Joe P and I met for dinner first and then walked next door to the theatre which is located in what used to be the sanctuary of an old church.  Rather than a traditional flat stage, this venue has a wide 'ramp' which extends the performance space out into the room, giving it a 'theatre in the round' affect.

The singers/actors were fine.  No one really stood out as exceptional, but all were certainly on par with what one would expect from local community theatre.  I did find the choreography and blocking to be better than I expected.  Joe P and I both enjoy supporting the local arts scene.

But the real 'star' of the show is the music.  With favorites like "Summer Nights", "Beauty School Drop-out", "There Are Worse Things I Could Do", "Hopelessly Devoted", "Sandy", and "You're The One That I Want" its hard to NOT have a good time.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Pet peeve

I like to think of myself as an ease-going person.  I have a fair amount of patience in challenging situations and don't get ruffled easily.  However, I do have just a few pet peeves.

One of my pet peeves is the incorrect use of specific bar glasses.  I wrote about it HERE a few years ago.  Please do not serve a margarita in a martini glass, or a martini in a wine glass.  Thank you.

My other pet peeve verbal redundancy.  Not repetition which is when some says the same thing more than 1 time.  But rather, verbal redundancy is when someone uses more than 1 word that means the same thing.  Need an example?  I'll give you a two:
"Navy blue".  There is no such thing as navy green, navy red, or navy any other color.  Navy only describes blue, so saying 'navy blue' is redundant.  Just say 'navy'.  Used in a sentence:  "These pants fit so well I bought a pair in grey and another pair in navy."  See how that works?

"Outdoor patio".  There is no such thing as an indoor patio.  By definition a patio is an outdoor area adjacent to a home used for lounging, dining, etc. so saying 'outdoor patio' is redundant.  Yet I hear people say it all the time on HGTV's House Hunters.  "And check out this lovely outdoor patio!"  No.  Its a patio, not an outdoor patio.

In our culture of texting and abbreviations, you'd think more people would be aware of and avoid verbal redundancy.  I mean, can you imagine someone typing out complete words and sentences when texting?  LOL!  ROFLMAO!!  Most people eliminate as many characters as possible when texting, so why not eliminate redundant words when speaking?  Plus, eliminating verbal redundancy keeps you from sounding dumb.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Name dropping

So what's with all the celebrity name dropping in pop songs these days?

In 2013 Vance Joy mentioned Michelle Pfeiffer in the song "Riptide", and then in 2014 Bruno Mars mentions Michelle Pfeiffer in his song "Uptown Funk".  Just recently Fall Out Boy came out with a song called "Uma Thurman".

Do the writers or singers think celebrity name dropping will make their songs more popular?  Or is it a way of paying tribute or honoring them?  I don't know, but I find it a little weird, and I'm not sure why.

What do you think?

Monday, August 10, 2015


I saw this graphic on Facebook and literally laughed out loud, over and over again.  I happened to be at work so I printed it using our super-duper color printer and taped the copy to my cubicle wall.  Every time I see it I laugh!

This dog looks just like Marvin; same coloring and same facial expression when Walter is pestering him.  This just cracks me up!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

National Underwear Day

Today is National Underwear Day!  

According to its website, it was created by an underwear manufacturer in 2003 to "shine light on 'unmentionables'".  Really?  Underwear needed to have a light shown on it?  It seems more like a gigantic advertising scheme to me, but I'm not complaining.  I love seeing people (read: men) in underwear so I'm calling attention to this 'holiday'.

Past celebrations have included underwear modeling events, giveaways, celebrity appearances, and the setting a new Guinness Book of World Records.  Click here for videos.

While on the topic of underwear, I'm just gonna go ahead and put this out there:  I don't 'get' the idea of buying expensive designer underwear.  No one sees my underwear but me and Spouse, and neither of us are impressed with brand names on our waistbands.  Some will claim that designer underwear is better quality and premium fabrics, but I've had some good old fashioned Fruit of the Looms and Hanes tighty-whities for years, so I'm not sure I believe that argument.  

Designers like Andrew Christian, Papi, and NastyPig have done a lot to eroticize and sell underwear, and I've definitely watched more than a few of their promotional videos.  But sexy or not, I'm not spending $25 or $30 on a single pair of underwear when I can buy a 5-pack for half that, or less.  I'd rather spend my money on something other than underwear.

What you do think??

Monday, August 03, 2015

Summer Sunday

Yesterday was a great summer Sunday!

We started the day by taking the boys for a walk and then meeting Steven & Thad, Derwin & Carolyn, Sydney and Jenny for breakfast at Crystal restaurant, our favorite Sun morning haunt.  Then Spouse & I stopped nearby to preview a home for sale that I wanted to see.  

Once at home we gave both dogs a bath.  Neither of them 'like' it as some dogs do, but both tolerate it pretty well. 
Charming Marvin
Walter tried to climb out of the laundry sink a couple times but overall he did fine.  I gave both boys lots of verbal praise to inspire good behavior.
Wet Walter
After towel-drying them they both love to roll around on the bed, so once that was over we changed the bed linens.  

Then we headed to the beach where we met up with Steven & Thad and Joe P.  It was a beautiful day; not too hot or humid so we enjoyed it very much.  Once back at home Spouse & I showered and met Steven & Thad for dinner, then we took the boys for another walk before settling in for the night.

It was a very nice day!