Friday, March 29, 2019

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Ever notice how some people will laugh after telling you something that was painful to them?

Monday, March 25, 2019

Pillow talk

Yesterday Spouse & I were out and stopped in at a store that often has cute stuff that's affordable (ie: impulse buys) when lo and behold we see this pillow:

Yes, it is a pillow with the rear end of a '59 Cadillac the same color as Big Ella!  We looked and looked in hopes of finding a 2nd one, since a pair is always nice, but could only find this one.  But at just $5.99 it was such a deal we bought the single pillow anyway.

How cool that the only pillow they had like this was the 'correct' color??

Friday, March 22, 2019

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


I've had our tax information ready for about a month.  Well, most of it.

Our taxes are kind of complicated because I'm technically self-employed so I've got deductible business expenses to keep track of, which I do a pretty good job of throughout the year.  We also have a couple of rental properties with their deductible expenses, which I also do a good job of keeping up with throughout the year.

Its those darn retirement accounts!  Spouse has like 3 of them from previous jobs and I have 2.  They send quarterly statements but of course I can never find the end-of-year one when its time to prepare the tax spreadsheets for the accountant.

Maybe I'll just make up the missing info this year.

Monday, March 18, 2019


Amongst all the cold and rainy weather we've had recently, there was a warm and sunny day which happened to correspond with my day off.  You know what that means...
Yep, I went topless!

What a treat to have such terrific weather on my day off so I could actually enjoy it.

Monday, March 11, 2019


While in Puerto Vallarta in late January for Beep Dip I saw a guy wearing trunks with donuts on them.  I thought how funny/appropriate that he'd wear them to a bear-related event.  And while there is no shortage of shops selling swimwear in Puerto Vallarta, I didn't see anything like them.

So imagine my surprise when a couple weeks later my daily email from contained a special for donut trunks!  And... they were only $12.99 plus shipping!

So of course I ordered them.
Please ignore the 'donut' around my waist.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Back to the future

I recently treated myself to these cool new sunglasses.

I say 'treated' only because I paid $18.59 for them on Amazon (with free 2-day shipping as a Prime member) which is more than I typically pay for sunglasses.  Several pairs were under $10. and a couple actually came from Dollar Tree so they were a buck.

But I really like these!  They are just one material; no lens fitting inside a frame.  The lens and frame are all the same; just 1 piece. I think they're really cool.

I wore them to a home inspection and as I got out of the car and met the inspector (whom I know pretty well) he asked "Where'd you come from, back to the future?"  I laughed and agreed that my sunglasses have a futuristic look.

What do you think?

Monday, March 04, 2019

Weekend recap

This past weekend our dear friends Kerry & Hugh and Kelly & Jeff came for a visit.

Its been their custom for many years to participate in the Polar Bear Plunge the 1st weekend in Feb.  Notice I said "their" custom.  They would plunge into the frigid cold ocean while Spouse held their dog Chopper and I filmed them.

But about 3 years ago they decided they were tired of doing that, but still wanted to come for a visit.  Since Spouse & I have been away the last 3 years during that first weekend in Feb, we've picked a mutually convenient winter weekend for our dear friends to visit.  This year it was this past weekend.

They arrived on Sat right at lunchtime so we wasted little time deciding where to go for lunch.  Actually, we went to the same place we often go for lunch with them, our local diner.  Afterward we hung out at the house and talked and laughed and caught up on all kinds of goings on.  Before we knew it it was time for dinner so we took them to our newest favorite place Iron Hill Brewery.  The vibe is lively and the food is fresh and delicious.
Our gang
Afterward we talked until each of us began to fade so we went to bed.

Sun morning we enjoyed coffee and bagels for breakfast followed by more relaxing, talking, and laughing.  We were going to go for a walk around town but the sky looked a bit too threatening so we turned the walk into a driving tour.  They got to see and hear a portion of what I do as a realtor.  Then we went to Crooked Hammock for lunch before they packed up and headed home.
Kelly & Jeff
We had a terrific visit!  They are such dear friends and we always have so much fun together.

Friday, March 01, 2019


Its been rainy and cold recently, but the sun finally busted out, at least for a day.