Monday, June 27, 2016

It doesn't work like that

As I've shared before, I'm a realtor and I really enjoy my job.

Even before I became a realtor I enjoyed watching HGTV's "House Hunters" and its variations "House Hunters International", "House Hunters Renovations", etc.  And I still do.  

But I have to laugh when I hear the comments of some of the home buyers like "Oh, I really don't like these white appliances.  These will have to be changed out with stainless steel immediately."  The realtors' attempts to mitigate a home's deficiencies can be nearly as comical, like "This home offers a great opportunity to build equity by updating a few things."

But likely the most unrealistic part of these shows is their insinuation that a realtor shows a buyer 3 homes and then they pick 1 to buy.  

It doesn't work like that.

Even if buyers fall in love with the very 1st house, they always want to see a few other homes to reinforce their decision.  But most of the time it takes at least 6 home showings before buyers are ready to make a purchase, and often it takes even more than 6.

I recently heard from clients to whom I showed homes over 4 years ago.  At that time they were expecting their house in another state to sell, so I kept in touch with them for a couple years.  Finally, after 4 years their house sold and they called me to say they were coming to look at homes again.

Sometimes that's how it works.

Friday, June 24, 2016


The weekend's almost here!  Hope you have a great one, and please try not to sleep with anyone else's husband.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Last night my friend Joe P and I went to see our local regional theatre's production of "Priscilla: Queen of the Dessert".  What started as an indie film later became a Broadway musical, but we learned that last night was the 1st time "Priscilla" was put on by a regional theatre, so that was exciting.

Who doesn't love the story, the music, the snark, and the overriding theme that happiness comes from true self-acceptance?  Fortunately this production did not disappoint.  Two of the 3 leads (playing Mitzi and Felicia) were young, handsome, and extremely talented men who danced, sang, and spoke (with a believable Australian accent) their way into our hearts.  The actor playing Bernadette had far less singing and dancing, and had trouble maintaining any kind of consistent accent, but this did not damped our enjoyment at all.  The ensemble was energetic and competent and the sets were in keeping with the minimalism of the theatre's name: Clear Space.

We really enjoyed the performance and I was sorry Spouse and other friends didn't join us.
I took this photo of the cover of the program

Monday, June 20, 2016

And the livin' is easy

After what seemed like the rainiest Spring in years, we finally had some nice sunny days last week.  Sat night Steven & Thad came over and we ate dinner on the porch.  Yesterday morning Spouse & I enjoyed a peaceful morning sitting on the back porch with our coffee and our dogs.  As you can see, Marvin did what he does best.

We did a few things around the house and then got ready to go to the beach for the 1st time this year!  It got pretty darn warm outside, but of course when you're sitting on the beach you get the cool breeze off the water so it actually felt perfect.  

We sat and relaxed for a while, went for a walk, and chatted with a few friends we ran into.  It was a great day!  Later we showered and met Steven & Thad for dinner.

Happy 1st day of summer!!  

Yep, today is the official 1st day of summer.  I hope its a great one for us all.  Spouse & I have no travel/vacation plans for the summer since its not a good time for me to be away from work.  I'm a realtor in a resort area, so summer is busy here.  But we will have summer weekend visitors, and we'll spend as many days on the beach as we can.

What are your summer plans?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ab Fab!

Spouse & I are big fans of the British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, also known as Ab Fab.  I remember when the Logo cable TV network showed the reruns for what seemed like 20 out of 24 hours a day, but they were still funny as hell.

I must admit that there were times when I wasn't sure what they were saying.  Between the accent, the British words that don't mean the same in American English, and the often drunken slurred speech, sometimes I just used the context to figure out what was presumably said, and laughed my ass off.

So its with great expectation that I await the return of my 2 favorite champagne swigging, vodka-soaked divas in "Absolutely Fabulous - The Movie".

The trailer looks quite promising!  The film opens July 22 and I'm really, REALLY hoping my local cineplex will have it then.  This is one we'll definitely want to see in the theatre.

Any other Ab Fab fans out there??

Monday, June 13, 2016

In the wake of tragedy

By now everyone is painfully aware of the horrible massacre that took place early yesterday morning at the nightclub in Orlando.  With similar terror attacks in movie theatres, restaurants, shopping malls, concert venues, airplanes, and Federal buildings, it is understandable that some people don't feel safe going anywhere now.

But I urge everyone to not become a victim of fear.  Rather than becoming paralyzed by the fear of a potential terror attack, I urge everyone to ACT, as fellow blogger Fearsome Beard has done.  You can easily send an email to President Obama and Vice-President Biden using THIS LINK.

Here is my letter, nearly identical to Fearsome Beard's well-worded letter:

Dear President Obama/Vice-President Biden,

Please do not delay in pushing forward responsible, sensible gun control. Assault weapons have no place outside of law enforcement and military use. Handguns need only be in the hands of thoroughly vetted responsible citizens and in limited numbers….if at all. The tragedies we endure can and must STOP.

Freedoms are actually limited in a free society. They are limited by the freedom's infringement on the safety and security of fellow citizens. Of this I am sure you are quite aware. I believe in you and implore you to do the right thing by pushing forward and holding those controlled by the gun lobby responsible for our recent tragedies.

Thank you for your years of service. You are an inspiration. You have accomplished many great things and your legacy improves not only the United States, but the world as a whole. May sensible gun control become part of your legacy to the absolute best of your ability.


In addition to writing the White House, also consider writing your other elected officials. How can we complain if we have done nothing to demand change?  We need more than tears and prayers for the victims; we need action.

Friday, June 10, 2016


Here's wishing you a Fri that flies by and a weekend that seems to last forever.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Its Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month!!!

June is generally considered 'Pride month' because the Stonewall riots occurred in June and June is the most popular month for city and state Pride celebrations. However our Pride celebration takes place in Sept here in DE, after the tourist season ends.

I just realized I haven't really 'celebrated' Pride here on my blog in a few years.  Not sure why; maybe its because the Pride Festival which used to be local to us is now held about 90 minutes away so we haven't been to it since it moved.  We used to go to Pride every year when we lived in the DC area.

My friend and fellow blogger Kelly at Rambling Along in Life is doing his annual Pride month photo challenge: 

Kelly's original photo

Post the photo above on your blog and let Kelly know. He will link to you on his month-long Pride post. Each year he hopes to exceed the previous year's number of participants in this photo challenge, so why not play along? Its fun!  

Whether you celebrate Pride in June or some other month, I hope you'll look back on the enormous progress made towards equal rights with appreciation to those who paved the way.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Boy George debut

So, last Sat I had the debut of my new Legend:  Boy George!

Here are 2 photos taken prior to the show in the dressing room:
I wasn't posing for the photo above; I was actually doing some Boy George dance moves which didn't translate in the still photo.  My hands kind of look like I have cerebral palsy or something.
She performance went really well!  I asked my friends not to take a video, since it was my first time doing this Legend and I knew I'd do better with more practice and confidence.  As it turns out, none of my friends were even there so I'm glad I wasn't counting on them to take a video!  

As soon as I got out there and began the medley I could feel myself relaxing.  My rehearsed choreography suddenly started to flow and feel more natural than rehearsed.  I really had a good time with it!

But with such great songs, how could I NOT have fun with it?  "I'll Tumble 4 U", "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?", "Miss Me Blind", and "Karma Chameleon" bring back all those great 80s memories. 

After a costume change all the Legends come out and do a finale song together.  Here's a photo of my friend Lisa as Etta James and Boy George after the show.

I hope I did justice to my Legend.  The audience's reactions lead me to believe I did.  They cheered and sang along during my set, and after the show several asked me to pose for photos with them. It was really, really fun!!!

Friday, June 03, 2016

Legends resumes

Last Sat (Memorial Day weekend) the Legends shows resumed.  In case you're new around here, I perform in a celebrity impersonation show called Legends.  Its live singing and dancing with costumes, back-up dancers, the whole 9 yards.  This will be my 6th season doing these shows.

In past years I've performed as Neil Diamond, Elton John, and Neil Sedaka.  But this year I'm getting a new Legend to impersonate!  Here's a clue:
YES - its Boy George!!

Tomorrow night is my debut of this Legend and I'm super excited!!  The songs are great and I think the audience will really respond.  Here's my set:
  1. I'll Tumble 4 Ya
  2. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
  3. Miss Me Blind
  4. Karma Chameleon
Although I put on simple make-up to be Boy George for Halloween a couple years ago, I have no experience with doing real make-up for stage lighting.  So one of the drag queens will be 'painting' me.  I'll take a couple selfies in the dressing room, and hopefully some friends who see the show will post photos I can swipe off of facebook.

I can't wait!!