Thursday, June 23, 2016


Last night my friend Joe P and I went to see our local regional theatre's production of "Priscilla: Queen of the Dessert".  What started as an indie film later became a Broadway musical, but we learned that last night was the 1st time "Priscilla" was put on by a regional theatre, so that was exciting.

Who doesn't love the story, the music, the snark, and the overriding theme that happiness comes from true self-acceptance?  Fortunately this production did not disappoint.  Two of the 3 leads (playing Mitzi and Felicia) were young, handsome, and extremely talented men who danced, sang, and spoke (with a believable Australian accent) their way into our hearts.  The actor playing Bernadette had far less singing and dancing, and had trouble maintaining any kind of consistent accent, but this did not damped our enjoyment at all.  The ensemble was energetic and competent and the sets were in keeping with the minimalism of the theatre's name: Clear Space.

We really enjoyed the performance and I was sorry Spouse and other friends didn't join us.
I took this photo of the cover of the program


anne marie in philly said...

I need to watch that film again, along with "to wong foo".

smooches to lil joe p!

Ur-spo said...

This musical keeps dodging me like the White Rabbit - in drag.