Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Repair vs. replace

The passenger door on my car has been broken since last Fall. The inner door panel began separating from the outer door sometime earlier in the year, and in the Fall it came apart so much that the outer door would not open properly.

Before leaving VA I took my car to a place that had done quality work on my car before and asked them to give me an estimate on fixing the door. They said the inner door panel really needed to be replaced and that it would cost $775. for parts and labor. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting such a high price, and since Spouse was living in DE and I was still in VA at the time, there was no one needing to ride on the passenger side, so I decided to wait on the inner door replacement.

Fast forward a few months. I've moved to DE and am working at home. I rarely drive now, and since its winter when Spouse & I go out we usually go in his Civic, so there is no incentive to get the door fixed. Plus, we're getting adjusted to the new expenses of living here.

Fast forward a few more months. Spring arrives and I'm starting to make up reasons to drive somewhere just so I can put the top down. But there's still the door problem. No passengers until the door is fixed. A few times now Spouse & I have wanted to go for a delightful evening drive with the top down. Bummer; I really don't have an extra $775. sitting around with nothing to do, and I don't know where to take the car now that I'm not living in VA anymore.

The guy that has the personal trainer appointment immediately following Spouse's owns a car dealership so Spouse does me a big favor and asks him where I can take my car. I called the recommended shop last week to make and appointment. They were kind of busy, and with the holiday, they told me to bring it in today.

I get there exactly on time, just as they open. The guy who owns the shop looks at the door, we talk about it, he starts taking it apart, and then he tells me the door can be fixed. "It won't look exactly like it did when it was new, but it can be fixed" he tells me.

"Well, the rest of the car is 13 years old so if the door doesn't look brand new I suppose it will fit in just fine" I tell him with a chuckle. "As long as it opens and closes like before, and doesn't look unusual."

"I've got the clips and screws it needs. Do you want me to go ahead and do it right now? It's going to cost..." his voice trails off as he mentally adds up the figures, "...twenty five dollars."

I look at him for a few seconds and don't say anything. "You mean twenty five dollars for the materials..." I suggest, thinking this is a real bargain even when the labor charge is added on.

"Twenty five dollars for the whole thing" he corrects me, "parts and labor".

"Oh," I respond, trying not to show how utterly shocked I truly am. "Yes, if you can do it now, that will be great."

I begin to think of the garages in VA I've been to before, and realize that none of them are owned and operated by an actual person. They are companies who make rules about 'minimum labor charges' and the like. They don't even want to quote me a 'repair' cost because they didn't want to 'repair' my car. They just wanted to 'replace' the inner door panel... for $775. But this man, who owns and operates his own shop, gave me what I asked for: a quote for the repair. And because of the recommendation and his super-reasonable price, I will return there in the future whenever I need other repairs.

Its times like this I'm thankful I now live in a small town, where owner-operated garages can survive because of treating people right, which leads to repeat business and referrals. Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorable Memorial Day

This will undoubtedly go down in history (or at least in my blog) as the best weather EVER on a Memorial Day weekend!

Very often the weather in the Mid-Atlantic region is cool and rainy on Memorial Day weekend. Its almost as if the weather gods repay us faulty humans for our sinfulness by messing with the weather on the long-awaited long weekend that officially starts the summer season. But not this year. This year it was sunny, warm and low humidity leading up to the weekend and throughout the entire 3-day weekend.

Fri evening Spouse & I went to a delightful 'cheap eats' place with the million dollar view of the Indian River. Its in Oak Orchard, which is a hefty drive from the beach so it never seems to be crowded. Joe had salmon and I had lemon pepper chicken, then we went for a walk on the long pier that reaches out into the River. The sun was starting to set, and I had a hard time thinking of many things that were more pretty than what we were seeing and experiencing. On the way home we stopped at the grocery store for some weekend provisions.

Our friends Bugsy & Roger (aka: Bugs & Rog) from VA arrived later Fri night. We were sitting on the screened porch talking and listening to Ella Fitzgerald when we saw them pull up. It was their first time here so we showed them around the house, and then all 4 of us went out onto the screened porch and enjoyed the lovely night.

Sat morning we all enjoyed our morning coffee on the porch. Then Spouse fixed us a hearty breakfast of special, secret recipe pancakes (I know Bugs is laughing as he reads this) and bacon. Then our quartet took Jordan for a walk in the park, around the pond. We sat in the living room and talked some more, then we walked down to Second St to browse through the grossly over-priced antique/collectibles shop. From there we walked across the canal and down to the bay. The sun was really bright and without any sunscreen I could feel my face starting to burn. The parking lot was full to the brim as families enjoyed a wonderfully sunny day.

On the way back from the bay we stopped in the quilt store, mostly because Bugs is a talented quilter, but partly because I needed some temporary shade. A woman was cutting some fabrics and assembling some quilting 'kits'. As the 4 of us walked into the small store she glanced at us and said "Hello gentlemen. Are you looking for sewing machines for your wives?" My 1st thought was "Do you need glasses? We are 4 homos. We don't have wives." But fortunately Bugs came up with a clever response before my sarcastic one could find a voice. "No, my sewing machine works just fine." "Oh, okay" the woman responded. I'm pretty sure she was scolding herself silently after realizing what she'd said and to whom she'd said it. We weren't offended or anything; just surprised. As it turned out, Bugs bought 2 pieces of fabric that coordinate with a quilt he has in progress.

When we returned to the house it was between lunch time and dinner time, but since we'd had such a filling (and late) breakfast, we decided to have our dinner early. We had Fritos and french onion dip as an 'appetizer' while we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. I doctored up a can of baked beans and we had bought some potato salad at the grocery store. Nothing says "Summer" like hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans and potato salad! Rog made everyone margaritas. After dinner we talked for a while, then all took showers and got dressed for our big night of bingo.

We went to the Rehoboth Beach convention center for charity bingo. It cost $20. per person for 15 games of bingo. Prizes included cash and gift certificates, and proceeds went to AIDS Delaware and CAMP Rehoboth, and concession stand sales of donated food and drinks went to MCC. None of us had ever played bingo before, but fortunately our friends Paul & Steve were there to help us get up to speed. The number caller and a roaming drag queen named Claire Voyant exchanged jabs between the numbers. It was a lot of fun. Steve won a $75. gift certificate to a restaurant. Rog got a bingo but so did 2 others, and unfortunately he did not win the 'call off'. After returning home we enjoyed a new martini made of espresso flavored vodka and Godiva chocolate liqueur, courtesy of the Newlyweds who'd brought the ingredients on their last visit. Dee-lish!

Sat was mine & Spouse's 11th anniversary. We were happy that Bugs & Rog were here, since it we ran out of 'special' things to do for our anniversary about 4 years ago. But truthfully, the lovely weather, being with our friends, the cook out, and bingo made for a 'special' anniversary.

Sun morning we had coffee and special, secret recipe banana nut muffins (Bugs is laughing again) for breakfast, talked for awhile, then went out on some errands. We successfully got a new battery put into Rog's watch, got sunscreen, stopped by our fabulous dollar store, then had lunch at the Miltonian. We were going to go to the beach when we returned home, but everyone just kind of preferred to stay at home and relax. We did wind up going for a walk with Jordan, then had cocktails. For dinner we walked into town and ate at Striper Bites. Amazingly, Spouse & I had never eaten there before. I think we tried once, but there was a wait and we were too hungry. We all enjoyed great meals, Bugs and I enjoyed great mojitos, and we all shared a white chocolate brownie a la mode for dessert.

We'd planned to watch a DVD after dinner that Bugs & Rog had brought, but the walk home from Striper Bites was so delightful that we decided to sit in the rockers on the front porch instead. A light breeze was blowing and the sky was illuminated by a bazillion stars. What a treat it was.

Mon we walked to the Blue Plate Diner for breakfast, then returned to the house where we sat and talked until Bugs & Rog decided they'd better pack up and hit the road before the mass beach exodus began. We were sorry to see them go, but sure had a great time.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I am anticipating many things coming up:

Great walking weather - Every day this week has been beautiful outside, and the rest of the week and weekend are forecasted to be the same. It is wonderful to have such fantastic weather when I take Jordan for walks in the neighborhood in the mornings and evenings, and when Spouse & I go for after dinner walks down to the bay or on the boardwalk.

Friends visiting - Bugsy & Roger are coming Fri night and will stay through the holiday Mon. We really like them a lot and always have a great time together.

Our 11th anniversary - Sat will be mine & Spouse's 11th anniversary. We choose to celebrate the date we met as our anniversary, as opposed to the date we began living together. Uncharacteristically romantic, Spouse says he knew the night we met that I was the one for him.

First beach day of the season - Although we go to the beach several times a week for walks, this coming weekend we'll have our first actual day on the beach, complete with beach chairs, beach towels, suntan lotion, bottles of water, and sunglasses.

First time playing bingo - Sat night Bugs, Rog, Spouse & I are going to play bingo, a first for us, at the convention center in Rehoboth. Prizes include gift certificates and cash. Proceeds go to benefit CAMP Rehoboth and AIDS Delaware.

First cookout of the season - In honor of Memorial Day (and because we love grilled food) we're going to have our first cookout of the season this weekend. I can hardly wait to smell and taste those burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, Fritos and onion dip!

Spouse's family function - Next Fri (June 1) Spouse's mother, sister, brother, and sister-in-law will arrive around noon, see our house for the 1st time, have lunch with us, and then we'll all ride together in our Suburban to Philadelphia for his aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary celebration (Mass followed by a catered dinner/reception). We'll come back late Fri night, they'll stay overnight, we'll have breakfast Sat morning, and they'll leave in the afternoon.

I'm looking forward to lots of fun and good times coming soon!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Second Take

I am a member of the Rehoboth Beach Film Society so I receive periodic emails from the Society announcing special film screenings.

About every other month the film society invites me to a screening called 'Second Take'. I guess the idea is that the featured film is not a recent release (it has been traveling the indy film circuit for a while), so the screening offers me an opportunity for a 'second take' at the film. So far Spouse & I have been to 2 of these screenings, not having heard of either film prior to receiving the description in the invitation, and have really enjoyed them both.

The first one we attended was called "Coffee Date". It was smartly written and directed, and we found it genuinely funny! Here is a condensed version of the synopsis written by Kevin Thomas of the LA Times:

"Good-looking 35-year-old Todd has just been divorced. He allows his deadbeat brother (and roommate) Barry to set him up on a blind date via the Internet. The uptight and square Todd is surprised and uncomfortable when he realizes that the meeting place, a coffee shop, has a virtually exclusively gay clientele. While waiting for his date to show up he warily strikes up a conversation with a buff young gay man named Kelly.

Todd eventually realizes that Barry has played a prank on him — that the gay man is 'Kelly', the date he has been waiting for. By then the two men have discovered they share a passion for movies, and Todd invites Kelly to take in a Bergman double feature. Todd now sees a chance to oust his brother/roommate Barry, a decided homophobe, by taking Kelly home and leading him by the hand to his bedroom. (Kelly climbs out a window and goes home.) Not only does this send Barry packing but also inspires him to call his mother, who promptly gets on a plane to lend support to Todd, who she says she always knew was gay.

Todd's life soon becomes a nightmare, with friends, neighbors, co-workers — even his boss - smothering him with acceptance and absolutely refusing to give any credence whatsoever to his assertions that he is straight. At the same time his friendship with Kelly flourishes. As Todd's predicament intensifies, he becomes less confident about his sexual orientation. Could it be that mother knows best after all? Or could it be that Todd is discovering that a straight man can be good friends with a gay man? If they end up in a friendship rather than a relationship, Todd will forever face assumptions from others that he's gay when he is with Kelly."

For scenes and photos from "Coffee Date" visit

The 'Second Take' screening we attended last Friday was for "East Side Story". Again we found the writing and directing to be better than average for an indy film, with many funny parts. Here is my expanded version of the film's synopsis as found on its MySpace page:

"Young, handsome Diego Campos has long felt trapped working in his family's restaurant in East LA and plans to move away and open an upscale restaurant with his ultra closeted boyfriend, Pablo Morales. But Pablo, an up-and-coming realtor, views their "down low" relationship differently. When Diego confronts Pablo about making plans for their future together, Pablo decides he was just going through "a phase", and to prove it he starts dating Bianca, Diego's hilarious and spirited young aunt.

Meanwhile, openly gay white men like Wesley and Jonathon are moving in, gentrifying the Latino neighborhood. The attraction between Diego and Wesley is immediate and electric, forcing both men to re-examine themselves, their boyfriends, and their futures. Tension mounts between Diego and Bianca after Pablo proposes to her, and between Wesley and Jonathon when Jonathon gets wind of Wesley's feelings for Diego."

For scenes and photos from "East Side Story" visit

Unfortunately neither films are available on Netflix yet, but make a note of these as they are definitely worth adding to your queue.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Unexpected lovely day

Yesterday it was very cool and rainy all day. The forecast was for more of the same for this weekend. However, when we woke up this morning it was cool but sunny.

After toast with strawberry preserves and coffee, we decided to go for a little walk in town. As we walked down our street we saw our neighbor Brenda getting out of her vehicle with a new plant in her arms. We greeted her and made some pleasant comment about the plant, to which she responded "Its like an addiction: I can't seem to pass a nursery or any place that sells plants without stopping and buying something to bring home." We laughed and commented on how lovely her yard and existing plantings looked. She told us about what she'd been doing in her back yard and invited us to see it, so we walked through her garage and into her back yard. There we saw her yard and talked about real estate, gardening, architecture, the historical society, and lots more. We had a lovely conversation with her and promised to get together again soon.

Next we walked down Mulberry St and saw a woman whom we'd seen several times before, sitting on the steps of her porch. As is the Lewes custom, everyone greets one another so we said 'good morning' to her. She stood up and introduced herself as Georgia, and we introduced ourselves. She asked if we lived in town and we said 'yes' and told her where. We chatted with her for several minutes about houses, real estate, schools, working from home, and her yard until Dan the mailman walked up. We told Georgia it was nice meeting her and left her to talk with Dan.

We walked down to Second St, then walked up Savannah until we saw the house of Steve & Mike. Joe's personal trainer/friend Rick told Joe that Steve & Mike lived in the blue house across the street from the diner and we'd hoped to meet them at some point. Rick had also told them about us, and they'd driven past our house a few times when we weren't home. As we walked past their house we saw them in the side yard, weeding a flower bed. They looked at us and I said "Are you Rick & Nick's friends?" I'd forgotten Steve & Mike's names. They said yes so I said "We're Mark & Joe. Rick told us that you lived here and that we should meet you."

They had a gentleness that appealed to me immediately. They greeted us, told us their names, and we chatted for a few minutes, mostly about flowers and gardens. They invited us to see what they'd done with the back garden so we followed them to the back of the property and admired their beautiful, blooming paradise. Then the conversation shifted to houses and we told them that Rick had told us that they'd bought the house and remodeled in beautifully. They thanked us for the compliment and asked if we'd like to see inside. "Oh, yes, thank you!" we responded.

They showed us around the house and mentioned the features they'd restored, the ones they'd added, and the things they'd changed. The house was as lovely inside as it was outside. The conversation flowed easily with these kind gentlemen, and as we were leaving they said they'd love for us to come back sometime for dinner. We told them we'd enjoy that, and would like them to come to our house too. Incidentally, like everyone else in Lewes, they'd been inside our house too, before it was our house. We've not met anyone yet who hasn't been inside our house.

We walked back home and decided to go for a walk in Rehoboth, since the downtown area was having its semi-annual sidewalk sale. The temperature was warming up and we no longer needed our jackets as we strolled the sidewalks crowded with racks and tables of discounted goods. We decided to have lunch at the Purple Parrot, then took a walk on the boardwalk. On the way back to the car we stopped at a yard sale and purchased a handmade stained glass for only $30. for one of our guest bedrooms.

When we got home I put the 'boom box' on the front porch and listened to an old vocal jazz cassette as I pulled some weeds from the beds. The weeds come out so much more easily here than in VA because the soil here is so sandy. I got all the weeds pulled out by the roots in just under an hour, which would have taken an entire weekend in VA.

After the weeding Joe joined me on the front porch and we relaxed in the rockers for a few minutes. Suddenly the wind picked up, the sky got dark, the temperature dropped dramatically, and it really looked like it was going to storm. We came inside just in time. Within minutes the rain began and it really seemed like we were in for a doozey. But just as quickly as it had begun, the storm ended. Now, an hour later, the street is not even wet anymore.

We'll have dinner at home tonight and then watch a DVD from Netflix. That reminds me, I should probably write about some of the films we've watched recently, perhaps giving you readers some tips on films you might want to see.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Falwell falls

Everyone's heard the news: Jerry Falwell has died.

When I was talking to my aunt I said "Well, there's one less opponent to equal rights in the world now." She said "You put it much more kindly than I would have. I was going to say that there's one less ignorant bigot causing trouble now". We're both right, I guess.

I try not to wish bad on anyone, even those I feel deserve it. But I was reminded how terribly Falwell behaved in the months after Sept 11, 2001 when he blamed that tragedy on homosexuals and women who have abortions, saying God was paying us back. If that's true then I wonder how the families of the heterosexuals and women who've never been pregnant who died on Sept 11 felt?

For sure Falwell is not the only one who is misguided. Fred Phelps claims that Jerry Falwell is going to Hell instead of Heaven because he preached "God loves everyone" and Phelps says that's not true. God help us. Really.

Drag Queen name of the day: Clara Path

Monday, May 14, 2007

My new old friend

When I was at Freddie's last time I was chatting with some friends when some of their friends walked up. Because the friends with whom I was chatting are good men with manners, they immediately introduced the walk-up friends to those of us who were already chatting together.

Once the initial introductions were out of the way one of the guys, Ricardo, who was standing next to Chris, looked at me and said "So, what's your story?"

"My story? Did someone tell you I had a story?" I responded, a bit caught off-guard.

"No, I just mean, what's your story? Are you from here, you know, that kind of stuff" he clarified.

"Oh..." I chuckled, "Yes, actually, I am a native Washingtonian. I was born in Washington DC and my parents moved the family to Woodbridge when I was a toddler. That's where I grew up."

Chris spoke up and said "I went to high school in Woodbridge."

"Really? Which high school?" I asked.

"Gar-Field" he replied.

"Me too! What year did you graduate?"

"81" he said.

"I graduated in 82! We went to the same high school during the same years! That's amazing!"

"That IS amazing" Chris agreed. "Ever since I returned to the DC area after college and working abroad I've never met anyone who's actually from here, much less went to my high school."

Ricardo asked why we didn't know each other if we'd gone to the same high school during the same years, so we explained that our high school had over 4,000 students so you didn't even know everyone in your own graduating class, much less know everyone from other classes.

From that point on Chris and I kept asking each other "Did you know so-and-so?" I was surprised how many friends we had in common. Finally he asked me if I'd known this one friend named Lisa and I said "Yes, I've known her since we were kids."

Lisa lived in my neighborhood so we had gone to the same elementary, middle, and high school together. We'd "starred" in the Junior Variety Show, the fundraiser put on by the junior class to raise money for the senior class's prom. The show got such rave reviews from people who'd seen it Fri night that on Sat night the auditorium was filled to capacity, they had to turn people away at the door, and they asked the performers to do the show again the following weekend. Needless to say the seniors had a most excellent prom that year!

Chris said he'd kept in touch with Lisa for a few years after high school but had lost touch. I told him that she and I had gotten reacquainted 2 years ago and that I'd seen her when she came back to VA for Christmas.

I got Chris' email address so when I returned home to DE I sent him and Lisa an email, telling Lisa that I'd met Chris, and giving each other their email addresses. Lisa was thrilled to reconnect with Chris.

The rest of that night Chris and I talked and talked, and despite us really not having known each other in school, we really connected. It was kind of like meeting a long lost relative, someone with whom you're familiar but don't really know. It was a lot of fun and Chris told me to let him know when I was coming back to DC to visit again. And I definitely will.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

We went back to DC for Mother's Day weekend.

Fri night I met some friends at Freddie's for karaoke. It was really fun and I got to sing 4 times.

Sat Spouse's mother, Spouse & I had breakfast at Silver Diner, then hung around the house most of the day. We went for a brief excursion to Bed Bath & Beyond so Spouse could pick up the latest gadget: the Swivel Sweeper. At least he used a 20% coupon. I watched TV and he napped until his sister came over for a quick visit between her son's baseball games. Later that evening his sister and her family met us for an easy dinner at the Olympian restaurant.

Sun Spouse & I showered while his mother was at church. When she returned we gave her the Mother's Day gifts we'd brought. She loved them and immediately put on the jewelry. At 2:00 we all met up at Tokyo Inn for a Mother's Day meal. Its one of those places where everyone sits at tables in a horse shoe shape around a big, hot grill where the chef entertains you while cooking for you. We had a nice time. I must admit that I am not crazy about those Japanese dinner/entertainment places. First, I find Japanese food to be rather bland. Second, its hard to have conversation because everyone is seated next to one another - no one is across the table, and the chef's performance prevents people from feeling comfortable talking. Its almost as if it would be rude to ignore his performance in order to talk. But I can understand why Spouse's sister chose the place. It can accommodate a large party like ours with no problem, they accept reservations even on Mother's Day, and it never seems to be crowded. We returned to the house shortly before 4:00, packed our bag and got Jordan into the truck, and left shortly after 4:00. We made it home in the usual 2 1/2 hours and watched a Netflix DVD.

Drag Queen name of the day: Carrie A. Grudge

Friday, May 11, 2007

Free car wash

In preparation for our trip back to VA this evening, we decided to get gas in the Suburban last evening, since gas prices often go up on Fridays. Might as well drop off our recycling at the center while we were out. As we approached the Suburban we noticed it was covered in pollen and bird crap! Joe said we should get it washed before driving it back to VA.

As we were leaving the recycling center I decided to take the 'scenic' route called Gills Neck Rd, which runs along the edge of several crop fields. We saw one of those long irrigation machines was running, spraying the field with water. Since the irrigation machine was very close to the road and the wind was blowing, it was showering the road quite a bit. A little light went off in my head. A free car wash?

As we approached the 'shower on the road' I checked my mirror: no one behind me. I slowed down and as we got under the 'shower' I stopped the truck. We sat under the shower from the irrigation machine for about 20 seconds. Then, thinking the other side of the truck hadn't gotten as good a cleaning, I drove up the road a bit, turned around and drove back under the 'shower' facing the opposite direction, and stopped for about 20 seconds again. Then we pulled out from under the 'shower', turned back around and headed to the gas station.

At the gas station we remarked at how great the 'free car wash' had been. It had removed all the pollen and some of the bird crap. During the 4 hours it takes to fill that huge, 42-gallon tank I got a damp paper towel and wiped off the remainder of the bird crap while Joe used the window washer/squeegee to clean and dry all the windows. The truck looked great!

This evening we're heading to Joe's mom's house, and I'll go sing karaoke. Sat we're hanging out with the family, and Sun we're celebrating Mother's Day with the family at one of those Japanese restaurants where everyone sits around that huge grill and watches the chef make the meal. Returning home Sun evening.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Its official

Today I went to the DMV and traded in my VA drivers license for a DE one, and registered to vote while I was at it. Its official... I'm a Delawarean.

Going to the DMV is a totally different experience here. Believe it or not, I got my number from the receptionist, confirmed my information and paid at the window, got my photo taken and walked out the door with my new license... in 10 minutes. This procedure would easily have taken 30-40 minutes in VA. With such a positive DMV experience under my belt now, I believe I am just about ready to tackle the registering of our 3 vehicles.

To their credit, the DE DMV has a very informative website, detailing the steps and required documentation for all DMV transactions. So when I can find the titles I'll take each vehicle, one at a time, to the DMV for inspection, registering, and titling. Oh joy.

Drag Queen name of the day: Allison Wonderland

Friday, May 04, 2007

Big weekend planned

We've got a full weekend planned. And its not just full of stuff to be done, but rather, enjoyable stuff!

Our friend Susan should arrive about 5pm today. I met Susan about 10 years ago when we both worked for the same start-up telecom company. We became friends and she's the one who turned us onto Lewes where we now live. This will be Susan's first time here at our new house so I'm sure she'll want to look around first, then we'll sit and chat for a while. We've already decided that we're going out to dinner tonight, but haven't decided where yet. Then after dinner, the 3 of us may meet up with John & Marty for dessert.

I met Marty at a party about 14 years ago, but we did not stay in touch after I moved away. Then I met John at the same start-up telecom where I met Susan. After learning that Marty was John's partner I realized that Marty and I had already met. John & Marty live in VA, near where I grew up, but they have a weekend/summer house in Rehoboth. Spouse & I ran into John & Marty last Sept at the Rehoboth antique car show. They have a robin's egg blue Edsel. Hopefully we'll get to see them tonight for dessert.

Susan is staying overnight with us tonight, then Sat morning Susan, Spouse & I are meeting up with John & Marty for breakfast. Susan is taking the ferry to NJ to visit some relatives, so Spouse & I will have a little time in the middle of the day to shop for a Mother's Day gift and make sure Jordan gets walked.

Sat evening we're meeting up with our friends Steve & Paul at their house and will carpool to Dover for 'Movie Night'. A small group of guys have 'Movie Night' on the 1st Sat of each month. Whomever hosts gets to pick the movie and provide light refreshments. This will be our 1st time attending a 'Movie Night' when them. We know 6 of the guys who'll be there and they are all very nice.

Sun we are expecting a visit from Kerry & Hugh around mid-day. They will be working at their rental condo in Ocean City on Sat, spending time with Hugh's parents in Bethany Beach Sat night, and visiting Hugh's cousin who just had a baby this week on Sun morning. We're glad they're squeezing in a visit with us before they head back to VA.

Sun evening we're going to Rick & Nick's for dinner and a movie. Rick is Spouse's personal trainer/friend and Nick is Nick's partner, a rolfer who's studio is next door to Rick's gym, so Spouse sees them both weekly. A month or so back we had them over for dinner, and now we're going to their place for dinner and a movie.

I'm excited about this weekend and am sure we'll have a good time.

Drag Queen name of the day: Crystal Ball

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Meme from Tornwordo

I'm answering 5 questions from Tornwordo on my blog and then if anyone wants to play along, I can ask YOU 5 questions that you can answer on YOUR blog. If you want to play, leave a comment on this post and I will send you your questions.

1. Do you still wonder what you want to be when you grow up?

Yes, and I hope I will always wonder. I never want to feel like 'this is my life, this is my job, this is what I want to be/do when I grow up'. I hope I will always be open to new opportunities to be and do something different if it feels right.

2. What is your favorite dessert?
Ugh! To me that's like asking a parent which of their children is their favorite. I love desserts. I really love chocolate so if I have to pick one, I'd probably pick a chocolate fudge brownie. But then again, I have several non-chocolate favorites too, like my aunt Mary's hummingbird cake, coconut cake, and cherry pie.

3. What is the most frightened you've ever been?
Sept 11, 2001. After learning of the plane crashes into the twin towers, the Pentagon (3 miles from my house), and that field in PA I really didn't know what to expect next. Living so close to Washington DC and the metro system I wondered if the Capitol, the White House, or the underground train system would be next. I knew that I had family members working downtown. I was truly frightened for them and for myself.

4. How did you discover the joys of the male machinery? Did it scare you?
Hmm, I suppose the same way most other boys learned: self exploration! I knew my parents (and their religion) forbid it so I was often afraid of getting caught. I do recall being alarmed the first time my self exploration 'came' to fruition, if you will. I didn't quite understand what had happened. I was pretty young. My dad's "birds and the bees" talk was a little late I guess.

5. Ever done drag?
No. One year I was going to dress up as the 'Coffee Talk' lady Linda Richmond for Halloween because I could imitate her voice and monologue so well. My friend Debbie loaned me a wig and some clothes. But when I put on my costume I just felt uneasy. I wanted to have fun on Halloween so I decided to drop the 'Coffee Talk' costume for something more comfortable. That being said, I love to watch others appear/perform in drag, and I have an affinity for drag queen names.

Drag Queen name of the day: Ida Hoe