Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend highlights

After 2 weekends in a row of having weekend company, Spouse & I both enjoyed returning to our beloved Sat morning rituals: he with his personal trainer appointment (and gossip fest) with Rick, and me with my coffee and back-to-back episodes of "Sell This House", which were all new to me this week. Afterward we had a low point (Weight Watchers) lunch at home, then decided to see what kind of sales we might be able to find on patio furniture. Although I'm happy with what we have, Spouse thought it might be nice to see if we could score a good deal on something new for our newly expanded screened porch. Must to my amazement, Home Depot and Lowes had nothing but some resin Adirondack-style chairs left. No table and chairs sets; no loveseat and chair sets; nothing. When I asked an employee about it he simply said "You have to shop early in the season." Hello? Its July 17. We're only 1/2 way through summer. People are still interested in patio furniture! I find this ridiculous and will write more about it later. Then Spouse & I went grocery shopping and I showered in preparation for our plans for dinner with Doug & Jim. Unfortunately, Jim's spa day got delayed so they wound up having to cancel. Spouse & I had dinner out anyway, then watched TV.

Thad called Sun morning at 8:30 (yawn), saying he & Steven were on their way to meet his sister Robin for breakfast, and invited us to join them before going to the beach. So we quickly got ourselves together and tossed our beach stuff in the car and met them for breakfast. I had 2 small pancakes and a wonderful fresh fruit plate - not too heavy. Then we went to the beach, and were joined by The Bobs, Joe P and his weekend guests, and our friend PW. It was very hot but there was a nice breeze most of the time. The water was finally warm enough for us to get in, so all of us were finally able to swim in the ocean. It was great!

Steve told us that a local dancebar is going to have a Lady GaGa night next Sat. I think it was me who suggested we all wear wild Lady GaGa-style sunglasses to the event. So after enjoying a lovely day at the beach and having lunch and a shower, I headed to the Dollar Tree to look for stuff to make our GaGa glasses. After 2 hours I found appropriate $1. sunglasses, accessories and accountrement for 4 different looks, but will likely need to shop some other sources for the final 2. Even here at the beach its NOT easy to find small plastic lobsters! Once the GaGa glasses are done I will post photos for you. I returned home to find Spouse had grilled some bison burgers and bison hot dogs (very low fat and high protein) for dinner. We ate and then watched 2 back-to-back episodes of Spouse's latest guilty pleasure: "Ice Road Truckers" and then went to bed.

Crush du Jour: Daniel Ewing


Anonymous said...

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond last week and they had moved all the summer stuff to the clearance corner and had started setting up college dorm stuff. In retail, summer ends 4th of July weekend and back to school and fall begins.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your crush looks a lot like me.