Friday, July 09, 2010

Fiesta Night

Tonight we had Fiesta Night at our friends Alisha & Jack's place.

Jack is Thad's nephew, although they are only a few years apart. Jack & Alisha were married a year ago so we celebrated their anniversary with Fiesta Night.

The idea for Fiesta Night came from a story about Alisha's 'famous' chicken enchiladas. Apparently she had been making them for her friends for years and everyone loved them. When she and Jack got together she made her 'famous' chicken enchiladas for him but he hated them. To be polite (the way people usually are in the early months of a relationship) he ate them anyway, but once they were married he finally told her the truth.

Spouse & I decided we should be the judge of whether or not Alisha's 'famous' chicken enchiladas were terrible. After all, one look at us and you can tell we have experience with food!

So that's how the Fiesta Night came to be. I made a chili queso dip and Mexican corn casserole, Alisha made her 'famous' chicken enchiladas, tacos, and quesadillas, and Jack made mojitos. Steven brought dessert.

It was a lot of fun! Spouse & I conclusively determined that Alisha's 'famous' chicken enchiladas were delicious and that Jack has a (somewhat) limited palate.

In other news, Spouse's family arrived today. Lord help me!

Crush du Jour: Chris Tardio

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Java said...

Oh, baby, my positive energies go out to you this week as you experience the wonders of Spouse's family. Good luck!