Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ghetto handyman, part 2

From your comments, at least 6 of you liked last week's Ghetto Handyman post. Thanks to my friend Scott for supplying me with even MORE Ghetto Handyman goodness. Enjoy!

Crush du Jour: Lucky Vanous


cb said...

Ove the vibrating toothbrush. AND Lucky Vanos!!!

Joy said...

OMG! These are even worse! They deserve to be boiled in that hot tub. Darwin Award! That toilet is unbelievable!

Java said...

The boys in the "hot tub" look more like the main dish at a cannibal feast. That is a really big fire! That water will be boiling soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the boys in the tub are kind of stupid. I'd say they're nominees for a Darwin Award.

But I have to say, the drill with the beater on it is brilliant.

Second nominee for brilliance is the satellite dish.