Thursday, August 27, 2009


In many states it is still illegal for financially and emotionally stable gay and lesbian couples to adopt children. Somehow their being gay makes them unfit parents.
Yet there is absolutely no requirement for heterosexual people to be decent parents as long as they can reproduce. They can be unemployed and abusive, but as long as they're fertile, they can be parents.

This point was brought home to me when a friend emailed me this article. The Smith family's pet, 1/2 dog 1/2 wolf, named Dakota snatched the Smith's 3-day old baby from its crib, which resulted in a skull fracture, collapsed lungs, broken ribs, contusions and cuts. The animal was removed by authorities, but Mr Smith wants the wolf-dog to be returned to the house!

Despite the animal nearly killing his newborn son, Mr Smith wants to bring Dakota back home.

Perhaps this shouldn't be so surprising when you consider Smith's complete disregard for family safety. Authorities responding to the baby mauling found a loaded gun sitting on the coffee table.

So, I ask these 2 questions:
  1. Why is a gay couple, together 8 years, both of whom are professionally employed, who have the money to hire a full-time nanny while they are at work, denied from adopting a child because they are gay?
  2. Why is the Smith family, who wishes to bring their wolf-dog back home where they leave loaded weapons sitting around, after the said animal nearly mauled their infant son to death, allowed to keep their child?
I only come up with one answer: discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Something is WRONG with this picture.

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Larry Ohio said...

It used to be just fine to discriminate against blacks and jews and women and others, but not anymore. Now the only group left to shit on are the fags.

A Lewis said...

Isn't it nice to know that you live in the most powerful nation on earth and are still hated and discriminated against...openly and unabashedly. Sort of makes ya feel good inside, doesn't it??

Angel said...

there IS something wrong with that picture...although the picture of Jesus is amazing!...I will do all that I can to fight this and to help you out any way I can. I know it's not much....but it just makes me so damn mad. WHY?????!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand it! You are SO right. I know the GLBT community has come a long way, but I think we have farther to go than some people realize.

G said...

If I start, I won't stop.

Joy said...

There's nothing wrong with the picture of Hay-soose!

If I were a baby, I would love to have been adopted by you and Spouse.

Unknown said...

Here via Beth.

Not only should they not be allowed to bring the wolf-dog home, they should have that baby taken out of that house until they have parenting clases or something! What an outrage!

And for me, I don't care what your (anyone's) sexual preference is. It makes me no nevermind at all. I only care what type of person you (anyone) are. Some rules in society are so barbaric it makes me wonder how we've even made it this far.

Best of luck to you!

And. OH. MY. GOD. That man is a hottie!

Victor said...

There are some shocking stories of child neglect by heterosexual parent couples in Australia.

Sexuality in itself is no guide to parental suitability.

Romance said...

this is an issue I am lucky enough to get to advocate and work on- uh, not rights for wolf-dog, gun toters... but vocally advocating for adoption rights for gay parents as a proud adoptive mom...

Great post