Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

My cousin Hilleary will be visiting me this afternoon. He lives in CA but spends 2 weeks on the East coast every Aug to spend time with this parents and siblings. He's been at the beach for a few days, and will stop by our house this afternoon to chat and then go to dinner with us, similar to last summer. I'm looking forward to visiting with him and 2 of his sons.

My neighbor Claudia's fig tree is producing like crazy, and Claudia generously brought over a bunch of sweet, delicious figs for us! They are wonderful to eat plain, but can also be fabulous stuffed with goat cheese or wrapped with bacon. Until living here I had never eaten a fig, unless you count those Fig Newton snacks.

My friend Bill sent me this.

I think its funny because it suggests an older woman would try to 'trade in' her clunker/husband, but it also demonstrates how so many lazy Americans don't read or learn the facts. Confusing a car trade-in program with health care reform is completely believable, considering what we hear coming out of some of the Town Hall meetings. To rebut them, I offer to you this:Isn't that poignant?

I am in love with Ohs cereal. There's something about the balance of graham, honey, and oats that I find delicious. And as an added bonus, it is the least expensive cereal on the entire isle at just $1.99.

Despite my early reluctance, I have really been enjoying Facebook. But my enjoyment has not been without some trials. Early on I located a friend from high school named Tim, with whom I was very close. We spent time at each other's houses, and he wrote a very nice tribute in my senior yearbook. Soon after reconnecting on Facebook and exchanging some 'nice to see you again' kind of messages on each other's walls, I noticed he dropped out of my friend list. I sent him a friend request again, but it was ignored. After finding and friending several more friends from high school who were also friends of Tim's, I tried yet again to friend him, but he as ignored the request. I'm sure now that he does not want to be friends with me, and I suspect it is because he now knows that I'm gay. Whatever! Its his loss. I finally had to de-friend a former high school friend named Christa. Somehow, she turned into an ultra-conservative racist, and I got tired of seeing all her anti-everything posts. It was like watching Fox News. So I de-friended her. I am still enjoying Facebook though, despite these minor trials.

Our accountant was too busy to complete our Federal and State tax returns by April 15, so he filed extensions for us. This week we got our completed returns from him (to sign and mail) and were delighted to see that we are still going to get sizable refunds, despite having sold our house in VA last year. YAY!!

I saw
this lovely video over at Kelly's blog and had to share it. Who knew the Golden Girls were so ahead of their time?!?!

A friend posted this link on Facebook and I just had to share it. Doesn't this aptly named 'Double Bypass Burger' look delicious?
Its a hamburger topped with 5 slices of bacon, 4 slices of cheese, 2 fried eggs, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion stacked between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches. Seriously. I'm drooling. Who's with me?

The forecast indicates we're going to get a bit of a reprieve from this oppressive heat this weekend. We're going to drive Big Ella to a Corvette show at a Chevrolet dealership on Sat. We've been to this show before and have seen others drive their non-Corvettes for car enthusiasts to see and enjoy. In the afternoon we're going to the beach. Sun we're going to a birthday party.

Have a great weekend!

Crush du Jour: Adam Tucker


Larry Ohio said...

When I saw that pic of the Double Bypass Burger, something wonderful happened in my pants.

behrmark said...

I'll be there with you if I can have your crush du jour sandwiched between two Double Bypass Burgers! Behr Hugs!

cb said...

I want to taste your figs. Ahem.

G said...

You're gay? Anyway, that burger looks great. I love figs, they grow like oranges here in Ca.

Stephen said...

I would want to be friends with you on Facebook...

Steven said...

Loved your post from today as it was so "spot on" as to somethings that I have been thinking about, particularly the insurance debate. I sooo loved the comparison between the conservatives and the liberals! This ceral fiend will have to add "Oh's" to his grocery list tomorrow. It truly is indeed your friend's loss that he unfriended you. Have a fantabulous weekend!

Joy said...

I recently deleted someone from my FB friend list, and I'm sure you can guess who it is.

I like that "difference between" picture.

This made me want some figs but not that burger.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that Big Ella is a hit as usual!

wcs said...

Conservatards. I just love that! Even if I know it's not politically correct.

I believe it's a synonym for fucktards, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog, and your post about libs vs. tards reminded me of a thought I recently had. Have you ever noticed that Dems usually want to HELP people, while RepTards usually talk about PROTECTING people? I think that is a good way of getting to basics for each party, in that the Democrats seem to be about helping EVERYONE, and the Republicans seem to be about protecting SOME (usually white and/or rich) people (from an imaginary "threat": gay, brown and/or black, socialist, immigrant, etc.).

tornwordo said...

You don't have to defriend the person who spews the negative vibes. You can just "turn off" that person from showing up in your news feed. It's our little secret.

Mark in DE said...

Anonymous: EXCELLENT point! Thanks for sharing that.

Joey said...

LOL at Anonymous. You must be from lilly-white coddled Vermont (or a permanent college student) to have that neat little fantasy of everybody in their pigeongholes so set in stone. I guess you won't be joining us at the October march on the White House against another homophobic administration.

J@v@JuNKo said...

omg, i think i'd only be able to eat one of those burgers once a year, it would be my "fall off the wagon" indulgence!!! The thought of eating my entire calorie intake for the week in one meal sounds delicious!!