Thursday, August 20, 2009

DDBW2 & PRs6


DDBW2 & PRs6? What does all of that mean?

You may recall that when we told DavidDust about our plans for a trip to NYC in May, he put the word out on his blog and several other bloggers wound up scheduling trips to NYC for the same time, and the Drunken Dust Bunny Weekend (DDBW) was born.

Actually, the 'drunken' part is mostly over-stated (except for Kailyn!) and largely used for dramatic effect. There was definitely some alcohol consumed, on several occasions. But all of the bloggers we met were super-nice, super-fun, and relatively sober for the most part. When we met we were all bloggers, but when we said goodbye we were all friends. We had such a good time! Click here and here for a recap of all the fun, chaos, foolishness, and mayhem from the 1st DDBW.

Spouse & I have decided to make another such extended (4-day weekend) trip to NYC. We're going Oct 22-25. Once again, David has notified his peeps that DDBW2 has officially been scheduled!

I really hope that all the folks from last time (TrannyBeth, Mister Maddie & Boy-Toy, Zombie Mom, Miss Ginger Grant, Howard, Marker, Kailyn) will return again, AND that other folks who missed it last time (Bob, Joy, Java, and readers of my blog) will also come and join the fun. Of course ALL are welcome! Seriously, if you've ever met up with fellow bloggers before, you know the fun and friendships to be had.
Think about joining us!

Although Spouse & I will arrive on Thurs and stay with our fabulous friend Lisa in Sunnyside/Queens, most others will arrive sometime on Fri and stay in hotels in Manhattan. Contact me if you're interested, as we may be able to help keep the hotel costs down by getting a discount and/or by room sharing with other bloggers.

Its going to be legendary!

And speaking of legendary...

The wait is over. Tonight at 10:00 ET is the return of Project Runway, season 6 (PRs6)!!!

And as if that alone wasn't exciting enough, at 8:00 ET is the Project Runway All-Star Challenge, featuring former contestants! Don't forget its on Lifetime this season, not Bravo.

Yes, 3 full hours of Project Runway. I suspect all gay bars will be eerily vacant tonight from 8:00-11:00 ET.

Crush du Jour: Chris Messina


Anonymous said...

I SO want to go. It looks like so much fun. I'm just not sure I can swing this time. BUT I won't miss Dust Bunny Weekend 3!!

Kailyn said...

I was not alone in the dronk. Maddie and Miss Ginger were right there with me.

And the Midnight Sun in the Castro will probably be packed tonight. They have 2 big screens just for stuff like this.

Bob said...
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Bob said...

I am a whore for PRs6 [love that!] and will be front and center when it starts tonight. I'm sure Carlos will be around to mutter something about "packing knives and going" but I'll keep him in line!

DDBW2 sounds like fun. I'll have to see what schedules are like for the two of us at that time.

Mistress Maddie said...

You know I am more than in on this! I can't wait!

David Dust said...

"Relatively Sober"?!? I'm sure Maddie resents being called such a nasty name... :)


Joy said...

The timing isn't too good for me this time, but I am definitely coming when I can work it out.

I am seriously considering going to Houston in February for Miss Ginger's event. Anybody going to that?

Angel said...

oh MArk...I have to really pull out my "abilities" to be able to go to this one! ;) My jaw will be tired, that's for sure! ;) But you KNOW I want to go soooo bad....I miss you all so much. It's true...we started off as bloggers, but we left as friends. How sweet is that? and I'm all for sharing a hotel with other bloggers...worked out ok the first time!

Love ya!!!

and PRs6.....ahhhhhhh. Love the name, and love the show. We SO need to talk about it!


RAD said...

how fun! A blogger blow out! One day we will meet too!

Romance said...

I am so going to try and make it. I would love to see you and spouse again.