Tuesday, June 02, 2009

NYC trip recap: Thurs & Fri

We arrived in NYC on Thurs via BoltBus, which I highly recommend, on schedule at 3:00. We called Lisa at work and she met us a block away at the train station. The 3 of us took the train to her charming co-op in Sunnyside/Queens. It was very overcast and the tops of many sky scrapers were obscured by fog and mist. It was quite a site! I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it.

Lisa made homemade crackers (who knew they were so easy and tasty?) and we snacked on them and cheese and blueberries while we talked and got caught up. Later we changed clothes and took the train back into Manhattan for dinner. We mutually decided on Mexican so Lisa took us to one of her favorites: Salsa y Salsa on 7th Ave at 22nd St in Chelsea. The food was DE-lish, and the cactus pear mojito was a-MAY-zing! After dinner it was misting a little, but we decided to go for a walk anyway. We walked down 7th Ave from 22nd St to Canal St, which was a long way! Then we hopped the train and headed back to Lisa's.

Fri morning we slept in a bit, showered, had a bite to eat at a coffee shop/diner at 40th St and Queens Blvd in Sunnyside, then took the train to Central Park. Believe it or not, I'd never been there. I had the misconception that it was more of a botanical garden, with lots of flowers and blooming trees and bushes. When I voiced this to Spouse he reminded me it was a park; not a garden. The sun was out and the temperature was perfect. We entered the park near the zoo at 60th St and 5th Ave and saw/heard these jazz musicians.
We went to The Lake and saw lots of wildlife.Me in front of a beautiful underpass.
What a wonderful idea to create this lovely, large park in the middle of the city!
I love the way the weeping willow hung in front of Bow Bridge.
My handsome Spouse on Bow Bridge.
I love the mixture of textures: limestone, concrete, foliage, water.
We walked all over the park, traversing back and forth, stopping to rest and enjoy the scenery. Finally we exited the park at 90th St and Central Park West and walked to the train.

We took the train back to Lisa's where Spouse took a late afternoon nap (his favorite luxury) and I read. It was a nice break after all that walking in the park. Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, we headed back into the city to meet some friends for dinner.

Before we arrived in NYC I had connected with Jesse and Daniel, two gay former Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) like me, via Facebook. They told me a small group of gay former JWs were meeting for dinner Fri night and invited us to join them, so we did. There we met Jesse, Bobby, Howard, Robert, and Will who all live in NYC, and Daniel who lives in Montreal but was in NYC for a conference. We had wonderful conversations and a very tasty meal at Uncle Nick's Greek Restaurant 9th Ave and 50th St. Such great guys! Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of them.

Then we walked a few blocks to the hotel where several other bloggers were staying. David Dust had put out a call to his readers inviting everyone to join us in NYC for the weekend. Beth, Zombie Mom, and Kailyn were sharing a suite at the hotel and offered to host a little party, so we headed right over after dinner. Here's Julie, Jesse, and Zombie Mom.
Spouse, Maddie, and Kailyn get acquainted.
Miss Ginger Grant and David Dust write absent bloggers' names on cups so they could 'drink to those who couldn't join us'. Great idea, Ginger!
Beth tries to make sense of all the mayhem, chaos and foolishness.
David, Spouse, and me: the Three Amigos!!
David and Howard flashing their gang sign: Peace, Bitches!
As you might have ascertained, there was some drinking going on. We had a terrific time that seemed to go by all too quickly. Before I knew it, it was nearly 1:00 am and Spouse & I still had to catch the train back to Lisa's, so we bid our new friends goodnight, knowing we'd see them the next day. It was rather amazing to feel the sense of 'community' that had been created due to the blogging of some pretty terrific people whom we now count as friends.

Tune in tomorrow for photos and stories from Christopher St, the Hudson River Park, and the Drunken Dust Bunnies' West Village Gay Bar Tour!

Crush du Jour: Matthew Morrison


Bob said...

Actually, Central Park was created as a sort of refuge from city life for wealthy New Yorkers who lived near the tip of Manhattan. It was a day trip to get up there and most of the poorer people in the city couldn't afford the trip. It was only when the city began to grow that the full population was able to take advantage of the park.

My snippet of knowledge for the day!

Anonymous said...

Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI is laid out as an oasis in the city too.

Supposedly RWP was the prototype for Central Park.

Beth said...

beautiful beautiful photos of the park. I didn't get there....this time! ;)

and Beth? Beth? who the hell is that? I thought that chick's name was India?

RAD said...

cool..cant wait for the next post...Love that bridge it is in so many movies...My freind Val is in NYC this week and My freinds Kandis and Scott are on there way in this weekend to NYC...I guess I better get my ass on over too! I have never been!

RAD said...

BTW-- Great Crush! After Glee I have a crush on this man...

Howard said...

Ooooh, can't wait for the next installment!

Joy said...

I'm glad you went early and visited with Lisa. Great pictures of Central Park! What a good trip! Wish I'd been there to see all of you in person since I feel like I know you already!

Java said...

Sounds like great fun!

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures. I am so jealous. Glad you had a great trip.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Boy Ginger didn't do much sight seeing on his Saturday except the insides of his eyelids, so I'm glad through your pics I got to see at least SOME of the city!
BTW- if you like Mexican food, you simply MUST come visit in Texas- that's an invite! Our Mexican food is like now where else on Earth- including Mexico!
Unfortunately, BoltBus doesn't come here, so you'll probably want to fly!

Jeff said...

I love, love, love NYC and Central Park. Can't believe this was your very first trip to the park! :)

Steven said...

Despite your overcast, it looks like everyone was able to take in all the fun and adventure. I like how you have decided to personalize your blog more as of late with photographs. Great captures!