Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday fragments

Several of you have asked about photos and progress reports on our addition. I decided that instead of peppering each post with tidbits and photos, I would write one weekly post, on Saturdays, with photos and commentary of what was done during the week. Look for the 1st one tomorrow.

My friend Marty, who is also a vintage car fan like me, sent me this link to an article featuring the 2-door version of Big Ella. Same year, same color. The only difference is that Big Ella has 4 doors, and wider white-wall tires.

Like many of you, I'm disappointed with Obama's recent actions and inaction regarding keeping his campaign promises to the GLBT community. His new benefits for same-sex partners of federal employees do not apply to non-federal works nor military personnel, and they don't include health insurance or pension benefits, which is what everyone wants/needs. There's also the recent brief that stated Obama's support of DOMA, which he said he'd work to repeal. This article really resonated with me, as it pretty much sums up my feelings. Please give it a quick read. If you feel so inclined, why not sign the petition requesting the President and Congress to 'Dump DOMA'?

A friend sent me this funny photo with the caption "Why men should not pick out the wedding cake".
Too funny, right?

I found it hilarious that so many of you liked and commented on my post about Spouse and the 'XP-90'! I guess it should serve as a lesson to me, that you all don't come here for political or GLBT updates, you come here for silly (true) stories of two (sorta) married gay guys. Okay, I hear ya. Remember this one?

There are many posts about our dear friends Michael & Jamie whom I refer to as 'The Newlyweds' on this blog. Last Aug they moved to the left coast to fulfill a dream of theirs to live in Portland, OR. We've kept in touch via email and phone, and they read this blog too, but we've missed them terribly. This week I got the following email from them which truly warmed my heart:
"Subject: It takes 6 people or 3 couples
Mark and Joe,
Jamie and I were driving to the coast this weekend to go camping (I know right) and started thinking about all of our trips to visit you guys. We were remembering all the good times and then Jamie made an interesting observation about how we are finding aspects of our friendship with you guys in other people/couples, but no one or no couple has come close to the friendship we share with you two.

Our friend Mark S. is like Mark R. and is super fun and great at telling funny stories and making people laugh. Our new friends Jim and Rob are a nice, solid couple just like Mark and Joe. Our friend Bob is a good, smart man and often acts as a voice of reason, similar to Joe. We talk to our friends Adam and Amanda about real estate a lot and they own a few properties....just like Mark and Joe. I could go on.....

Can you believe it takes so many people to equal just one MARK AND JOE!!!???

We miss you guys and really hope you can come visit sometime. We had a great weekend along the coast and want to share our new home state with you.

Take care,
Michael and Jamie"
I'm not sharing this to brag about what great guys we are. My point in sharing this is to remind everyone that we all have opportunities to 'make someone's day'. It can be as easy as sending a heartfelt email, remembering someone's birthday, or doing something unexpected and nice for someone else. Often it doesn't take much, but it means a lot.
Have a great weekend!

Crush du Jour: Andre Coelho


cb said...

Did that cake picture come from "Cakewrecks"??

Joy said...

I tried to comment on this from work but couldn't log on. Grrrr!

What sweet, kind things for your friends to say. I understand what they mean. And you and Joe are special! :-)