Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New toy

I've mentioned before that Spouse loves him some kitchen gadgets!

Over the years we have had a bread maker, an ice cream maker, an iced tea maker, an immersion blender, a food processor, a KitchenAid stand mixer, a Nesco roaster oven, a countertop convection oven, a belgian waffle maker, an electric skillet, an electric griddle, a George Foreman electric grill, an electric knife, a stand blender, a toaster oven, a Turbo Cooker, a pizelle maker, a hand-held electric mixer, and an electric pressure cooker. To his credit, he has used every one of these gadgets, at least once. When we moved I convinced him to pair down his collection since our new house does not have a pantry, and he acquiesced.

But for quite some time now I could tell he's been jonesin' for the GT Xpress 101. He's made me watch the infomercial with Kathy Mitchell (I didn't even have to look up her name) 101 times at least, and hinted that he'd really like to have one. I, of course, gave him my famous look that, without words, says to him "Really? You really want another one-use gadget?"

But after the purchase of Big Ella I have a much harder time giving him that 'look'. I mean, why should I deny him a $30. occasional use kitchen gadget after I spent thousands on an occasional use vehicle? Mmmyeah.

So, this past weekend when he brought up his desire for the GT Xpress 101 (which he calls the XP-90), I kept my 'look' to myself and simply said "If you want it, dear..."

That was all he needed to hear. Suddenly the housecleaning, dogwalking, and everything else could wait; we were going to the kitchen gadget store, presumably before I changed my mind!
As soon as we got it home, he excitedly tried out the 'XP-90' by making us lunch. It worked fine, but only makes enough for one person to eat at a time. So we both ate a 1/2 while the 2nd batch was cooking.

Spouse was so happy with the purchase, and I believe, even happier that I didn't give him my 'look'. In an uncharacteristic moment he said "Thank you for letting me buy this", to which I replied "Letting you? You sound like I'm the evil step parent". But I knew what he meant, which was 'Thank you for not making an issue out of this, even if I only use it 3 times'.

Later that night he made part of our dinner in the 'XP-90', as well as our breakfast on Sun, and part of our dinner last night. He's already broken his typical usage pattern, so that's good.

In a way I feel like I 'let go' of something I didn't need to hold onto. My nature is to purchase and use things that have more than one purpose and that I am certain I will use regularly. But that is not Spouse's nature. He enjoys the unique purpose of individual gadgets, and that's fine. So although it is me who will need to find a place to store all the rarely used gadgets, is that really so important that I have to give him the 'look'?

No, not anymore.

So I 'let go' and let Spouse get his 'XP-90'. He's happy, and so am I.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny. I don't even own a toaster. Hell, I use the broiler for that.

I do have a vast collection of cooking utensils but my most used items are the wooden spoon, the plastic spoon, the plastic tipped tongs, and a strainer.

Unknown said...

Nicely done. Spouse deserves it. Anything that can bring a bit of joy, I say, we should all let it happen more often.

Michael said...

I whole heartedly support every purchase but one. Pizzelle maker....really? come on Mark. haaha.

Unknown said...

Please let us know how the food is! I get sucked into that damned informercial each time it's on. So far, I've resisted the tempation to buy one. Your results may convince me otherwise!

joe*to*hell said...

i seriously expected a different post with that title

Java said...

Why "XP-90"? Easier than 101? I'm slightly confused.

I have discovered that a happy spouse can yield great benefits in many areas of life.

Mistress Maddie said...

But just think of all the tastey things Spouse will prepare for his little lovely! He may cook dinner every night!

Kailyn said...

Spouse can come hang with me. I just recently got rid of my George Foreman grill and the bread machine but I still have the Kitchen Aid stand mixer (Can I get some attachments?) and a Cuisinart ice cream maker. Recently I picked up a crockpot. Still on the wish list are a toaster (I'm tired of using the broiler.) and a blow torch. What? I could make creme brulee one day... And hmmm. I don't think that my mom uses that Belgian waffle maker I gave her years ago. I could go reclaim it. I can pass on some of the other stuff because my new range has a convection oven and five eyes on top. The center one came with a griddle plate. One day I will use it.

The gadget that always tempts me on TV is that rotisserie thing.

skutchie said...

ok I too have to admit that I have been sucked in by Miss Kathy Mitchell with the XP-90. I love the infomercial. So much so that 3 years ago I bought an immitation one on buy.com that was buy one get one free. I promptly gave the extra one to my brother (Happy Holidays), and went to work with my new gadget. I take it out to poach an egg or make an omelette, but it is NO XP-90. I really want a full detailed report on how it is. Photos of the food, etc.

Oh- and BTW - good going on not makeing the spouse feel bad. He will enjoy his new gadget more.

Jeff said...

LOL!! Since you were "allowed" to buy Big Bertha", I think it behooves you to shelve "the look" when it comes to the XO-90 - and a number of future gadgets to boot! :)

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I LOVES me some kitchen gadgets! My latest is an electric egg cooker and a yogurt maker! And I LOVE my electric pressure cooker!

Rick said...

Now that's a good spouse. I hate that commercial and her enthusiasm.lol I don't have cable so info mercials is all I get after midnight. That chocolate thingy she makes looks nasty. Take some pics of what you make. You sound pleased.

Stephen said...

Great post...very funny with a great bog nod of recognition. The Husband seems to want everything in the category of "as seen on TV".
We are the proud owners of about ten exercise equipment pieces & lots of cleaning gadgets... all because he gets sucked in & can't say NO!

Steven said...

I heard that they just released the "upgraded" GT Xpress 201! Just kidding! Yes, everybody needs their own toys. And hey, at least you both benefit from having it.

Anonymous said...

Make him cook. I have seen that infomercial and I thought it was hysterical. The candybar cake thingy looked good.

Romance said...

I totally want one of these... I swear, its been like two years since I first saw one advertised... however, we are so out of room for more gadgets- I will just have to admire it from afar. Congrats on WW and all the success. I have to get back with the program.


Angel said...

I want one of these SO BAD. I'm with spouse on this one!!! The food that chick makes looks so good, and that old guy with her looks like he really enjoys it! ;)

Seriously, I've been wanting one for the longest time...I need to just break down and get one.

rickajho said...

And pwoop! All gone. When was the last time - or year - you saw an informercial for that thang? (Or when was the last time you used yours for that matter...)

Ask my Sis about her Magic Bull**it blender. I warned her "Don't get it - you will hate it the first time you need to add something to those closed end containers." But she just had to get it anyway - it was going to make magic frosty drinks or something. She used it... once. "What? Didn't add enough milk to that frappe and the ice cream is just sitting there not doing anything? Now take the container off, take it apart - without making a mess - add milk, put it back together again and..." Now it's in the basement along with the other kitchen one trick ponies. Back to the more capable standard blender.

I'll keep on with my far less trendy basic kitchen goods thank you very much.