Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday fragments

Its been a busy week for me and for the world, so I've got lots of fragments to share this Friday. I'll try to be brief so this post doesn't approach novel proportions. I know I can be wordy sometimes.

Street reconstruction
When we returned from our 4-day trip to NYC, the top coat of asphalt had still not been laid on our street. Fortunately on Tues this happened so the paving is now complete. Wed & Thurs they worked on the transitions from the affected yards and driveways to the new street, filling in the gaps and smoothing out the excess earth. Our dyed, stamped concrete driveway and sidewalk were cracked by the pipe crew, and the engineering company is having a difficult time trying to locate the same pattern of stamp so they can replace the damaged sections. I have a not-so-good feeling about this.

Marriage equality in NH
NH has become the 6th state to adopt marriage equality! Savor the details here. Now, I wonder which state will become lucky #7... NY maybe?

The Dallas Principles
Last month in Dallas, TX 24 thinkers, activists, and donors gathered to discuss the immediate need for full equality for GLBT people in the US. They collectively prepared The Dallas Principles. Check out their website to learn what the principles are and how you may want to become involved.

Fun, busy Saturday
We've got a fun, busy Sat planned tomorrow. In the morning I'll prepare a dish to take to a potluck. At 10am we're dropping by a local car show. Big Ella will not be in it since she is in the shop getting some TLC. At noon we're off to the Summer Bash, a benefit for the Food Bank of DE. We'll have gourmet food, drinks, a speech from our Governor, and a concert by Pam Tillis. Yes, that's right - the Pam Tillis. Then at 6pm we're going to a potluck at Deb & Greer's. I believe we'll be tuckered out by Sat night.

GM's commitment to the Chevy Volt
Although GM filed for bankruptcy this week, I was happy to read that the plan to roll out the new Chevy Volt will not be affected. Indeed, the Volt which goes 40 miles without using a drop of gasoline is a significant part of what Obama and others call the "new GM".

Stop the Madness
Speaking of commitments, in the past when Spouse & I have decided to actively pursue loosing weight, we would begin the new resolve by saying "we've got to stop the madness". We liken uncontrolled eating to 'madness'. So this week we are once again determined to 'stop the madness' by utilizing the Weight Watchers point system. It worked very well for us several years ago, but of course, after returning to our old, 'mad' eating patterns we gained the weight back. This time will be different, or so we say. He's done very well so far, 5 days into it. Let's hope the 'madness' doesn't return at tomorrow's Summer Bash and potluck. Send us positive, encouraging energy, won't you?

Big Ella, the Covergirl
Spouse & I belong to Lambda Car Club International, the national GLBT car collectors club and to Straight Eights, a regional GLBT car collectors club. Last month I submitted photos and a filled-out questionnaire about Big Ella to the regional club, and Big Ella was selected 'car of the month'! Unfortunately the newsletter is online and password protected so I can't link to it, but I'm proud that our Covergirl is getting some press.

Have a terrific weekend, Everyone.

Crush du Jour: Dror Okavi


Anonymous said...

My goodness, your life is just chock full of things. I deliberately limit myself from getting too involved.

For example, perusing my calendar:

Sat. 6-Jun-09 12:00PM - Marriage Equality Rally at the State House
2:00PM Work with Marriage Equality RI and learn about their web platform and begin plans to integrate a "Know they neighbor" feature to it.

Sun. 7-Jun-09 10:00AM - Services at a Unitarian Universalist Church - The Bell Street Chapel.

10-Jun-09 Equality Rising Meeting

13-Jun-09 Make the Yuletide Gay at Bell St. Chapel

20-Jun-09 Rhode Island Pride

Beth said...

Go Ella!!!!!

and dang, ya'll are bizzeeeeee!!! And losing weight....SO over rated! ;)


mistress maddie said...

Dror! Woof!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

You should post a pic of Ella on your blog- I'd love to see her!

A Lewis said...

Good for you boys on stopping the MADNESS! It's a great start to a new life.

Zombie Mom said...

Hey congrats on stopping the madness - I too have returned to what I fondly refer to as "the cult" - sigh....

I want to see 'Big Ella too....

It was so great to hang out with you two!!! I am thrilled we got to meet and that we got to hang out as well!!! I look forward to staying in touch.

wcs said...

Madness, indeed. But it's fun. No it's not. Yes it is. No. Yes. No. Yes. No.


Ahhhhhh. Good luck!

Will said...

Best of luck with Weight Watchers--many years ago it worked for me and permanently changed my eating patterns for the better.

Yes, NY SHOULD become #7 but there are some disturbing political undercurrents in the mix and it isn't a done deal by any means. Also. the latest public polls show popular support has declined slightly so that those pro and those con are now just about neck and neck.

Here in NH, there is a lot of support and happiness, although the conservatives and 'phobes are superpissed at Governor Lynch for signing the bill in the face of his previous statements that marriage was only for a heterosexual couple.