Monday, June 08, 2009

Summer Bash

We had a great time at the Summer Bash, to benefit the Food Bank of DE, and featuring a concert by Pam Tillis!! The weather cooperated nicely, the food was exceptional, and the entertainment was much more enjoyable than I had anticipated.

I'm NOT a country music fan, but I must give mad props to Pam Tillis. Being a singer myself, I know it is not easy to sing live in an outdoor venue, without the assistance of studio equipment, but she did a great job. Whether or not you like country music, you must respect a singer who is technically accurate, and Pam Tillis was pitch perfect.

One of her hit songs is "Queen of Denial", so to kick off the concert Pam was carried in by two local guys dressed in Egyptian costumes. Yeah it was kitchy, but it was also kinda cute in a country-music-singer-kind-of-way, and a big hit with the gays. (All photos may be clicked to enlarge.) Later in the show she called the guys back in so "the ladies" could be photographed with the guys.
Unfortunately the audience was about 3/4 male. But eventually the gays came up to be photographed too, and Pam was a great sport about it.
Spouse told me that Pam sang several of her hits, which he recognized from his CDs. She also performed a few new songs from her new album "Rhinestoned". She had copies of it for sale afterward.
I loved how cute, funny, and down-to-earth Pam was. She had many comical one-liners that didn't sound rehearsed at all. Once or twice she started a song in the wrong key, stopped and then restarted it in the correct key. She said "If James Gandolfini can do it, so can I." referring to this. Everyone laughed.
I think her new, shorter hair cut is really cute, and a bit more modern than her former style.
Pam's husband, Bob DiPiero, plays in her band.
As I said, despite not being a country music fan, I thoroughly enjoyed Pam's concert! She's quite talented, and was also very appreciative of the audience at this 'smaller venue' than she usually plays. Honestly, I'm not sure how they were able to book her for this, but I'm glad they did.

After Pam's concert, our newly elected Governor, Jack Markell, addressed the audience for 5 minutes or so.
He asked everyone to observe a moment of silence for those lost on D Day, and also encouraged everyone to think about additional ways they might volunteer and contribute to the community. It was a nice speech; not too long, and not a re-election speech.

Afterward Pam signed autographs for anyone who would make an additional donation to the Food Bank. Below Pam signs my friend Bill's cassette tape. (Yes, that's right: cassette tape!)
Bob and Bill pose with Pam for a photo.
Ted and Bill pose with Pam for a photo. Isn't her hair cute???
Our friend Don poses with the 'de Nile' boys.

In addition to paying $25. per person to get into the event, all were encouraged to bring some non-perishable food donations for the food bank, which we did gladly.

The chef and volunteers from the food bank made most of the food which was delicious! Some menu items were donated by local businesses, too.

The weather was good, we saw many friends, enjoyed a great meal, and were treated to a wonderful concert. That's hard to beat in my book.
Here's my post about last year's Summer Bash.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot stand country music. I don't know why, maybe it is because I grew up in the urban northeast, but it just doesn't fly with me.

Keyron sings well, loves jazz tunes too. I told him, I'll learn to play guitar and we'll be all set. :)

Michael Rivers said...

What a great story. I love country music and I've seen Pam in a full concert. I agree, she is great! Sounds like a very enjoyable time!

CJ/Rick said...

I've seen her with 30,000 plus fans at the Houston rodeo. She was fine. Country music is just like Rap--some of it I hate and some I like.
Those are some hairy Nice pics and post. Thanks for sharing.

Howard said...

I definitely could be a fan of the Egyptian boys. Yum!

Victor said...

Yep, I'd pose for the de Nile guys if they wanted...

Jeff said...

Sounds like an absolute blast! :)

cb said...

Gotta love the Nile boys!!!

Beth said...

s hair is adorable!!!! and she's so tiny....and Milo. oh do I love thee......

Anonymous said...

Pam is great. I remember that Cleopatra song. Fabulous.

Marker said...

Hello deNile guy on the right - although hairy chest on the left is not bad either.

I saw Pam Tillis at some AIDS-related funder when I lived in Nashville (for 9 months) back in 1996-97 - very impressive and personable.

RAD said...

good times! Pams Hair-Check Nile Men- double check...he he

Steven said...

At least one of the DeNile guys Kept his chest hair. Looks like a good time was had by all. But I could have seen you show up all donned in chaps and cowboy boots. :-) You would have been ruggedly handsome.