Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm scared

Last night I heard on CNN that CA is about to layoff 20,000 state employees, due to the state's budget deficit. You can read about it here. State employees = police, fire fighters, and teachers. This will add 20,000 more unemployed citizens to the state. CA has already informed some that the state is unable to process their state income tax refunds.

Then I saw today that Kansas has also suspended state income tax refunds, and says they may not be able to meet payroll.

Today the company for whom I work had to layoff employees from all depts. The dept. in which I work was reduced by 50%. Fortunately I still have my job, but my work load is going to increase exponentially.

I'm scared.

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Christopher said...

I have a few friends and family members that work for the state so we're all just waiting to see if they get the axe or not. Scary times amigo!

RAD said...

Im with ya darlin...scary times! I hope my job can weather this ...I am crossing my fingers-toes and eyes!

Joy said...

This is so scary! I hope things will improve soon but know it's going to take a while. Good luck to you and all who read this!!!

Anonymous said...

Sad times. At least in Florida we don't do state taxes, so no hold up on that shit.

Mistress Maddie said...

Your just full of good news today aren't ya tootes! JK! Anywho,it is pretty scary. In PA were alright so far. The Boy-Toy is safe from talked about lay-offs and our Gov. is trying not to do that. But I too was cut hours at work last month. I was lucky though. There was eighty people at my store alone let go altogether. Now I'm off Thursday and Fridays. I do enjoy a four day weekend. But my cut hours is only temp. till business gets better. Hang in there. We will all get throght it. In the meantime we can do lunch!

Jeff said...

Fasten your seat belt! Glad you made it through this (and hopefully only) round of cuts!

tornwordo said...

It is scary. I'm glad you still have your post.

Anonymous said...

A scary time indeed. May you not only survive the axe, but the crunch of the added workoad. And may a sense of normalcy be upon all of us soon!

Bugsy said...

It is indeed a scary time. I'm hoping things will get better soon!

Just remember that "This too will pass."

Anonymous said...