Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday tidbits

Its snowing today, but its a little too warm for it to stick. Our street, yard, and cars are mostly just wet, with a few white patches on them. The forecast is not calling for any accumulation.

My sinuses are bothering me again, although Spouse keeps telling me I have a cold. I think he's just saying that as an excuse for me not to hug and kiss on him. My sinus cavities feel like they've been filled with cement. I took the last of my over-the-counter sinus meds last night before bed. To avoid having to go out in the sloppy weather today to get more, I've talked Spouse into stopping on his way home from work for me.

I weighed in this morning, and it was NOT good. I gained 2 lbs. Ugh. I'm not surprised at all, as I really lost control over the weekend. Fri night we had dinner with 'the usual suspects' and my meal came with french fries, all of which I ate. Sat we went out to lunch with our weekend visitors and my sandwich came with french fries, all of which I ate. Sat night we went out to dinner and my chicken entree came with french fries, all of which I ate. Sun after the Plunge we went out to lunch with our visitors and my sandwich came with french fries, all of which I ate. In case you've lost count, and who could blame you if you did, I ate french fries 4 times in 3 days. I knew it was bad but I did it anyway. That's the part I don't understand.
So who else caught last night's premier of "RuPaul's Drag Race" on Logo and LOVED IT like me? I have been a fan of RuPaul since day one, and even enjoyed Ru's TV show on MTV back in the late 90s, but to be honest, I did not have high hopes for Ru's new show. I was afraid it was going to be yet another attempt to cash in on the 'reality' show trend. But last night's premier of Drag Race was actually good! The contestants weren't quite as fabulous as I was hoping. Most seemed more bitter than bitchy, but I am totally in love with Tammie Brown, the Bette Davis look-alike. As usual, Ru cracked me up with all her funny phrases, like "Its gettin' severe up in here" and "I’ve consulted with the judges, my lawyer and housekeeper”. I'm tellin' you, Ru is the best!!!
If you missed last night's premier, I'm sure Logo will be re-running it 78 more times this week, as they do all their other series. You can also watch the entire episode online here. Or, better yet, read David Dust's hilarious recap of the show!

Crush du Jour: Josh Ohl


Anonymous said...

Logo has also posted the first episode on their website, logoonline.com

Bob said...

So, french fries at four meals in three days is a bad thing?


David Dust said...

Honey - gaining 2 lbs. is nothing. Try 20 lbs!!!! Yes, 20 of the 25 pounds I lost is back. I feel gross.

And isn't RuPaul's show THE BEST?!? Seriously, what a fun hour of television.

Thanks for the shout-out!


kansastock said...

Altering eating patterns is a bitch. I did well on my Atkins (w/ vodka) diet 3 years ago and have kept the weight off (not sure of my liver's health, though). Its the carbs, dear. Try it, or South Beach, for a couple of weeks with exercise, and see if that works... or drives you crazy.