Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thai one on

This post might seem like its 'all over the place', but I promise you it will eventually all tie together.

While Bugs & Roger were here last weekend we tried a new flavored coffee called Tropic Kiss. On the bag of beans it read "Chocolate coffee with a smooch of coconut". I kid you not; it really used the word smooch, right on the bag. We joked about it several times over the course of the weekend, but enjoyed the smooth richness of the chocolate and coconut flavored coffee.

Then Tues evening Spouse & I met up with our new friends Deb & Greer for dinner. I met Deb just after moving here, when I was going through my 'I fancy myself a freelance writer' phase and I interviewed her for an article I never wrote. Our 1st dinner date was a few weeks ago at Saketumi, the new sushi place. Sit at the bar and order from the happy hour menu by 6:00 and everything's 1/2 price. Can you say "bargain"??? Spouse & I really enjoyed our food and Cosmos, as well as getting to know Deb & Greer. We had such a good time that we decided to do it again but at another joint.

So back to Tues evening, we met Deb & Greer at Lily Thai, the new Thai restaurant. Spouse & I love Thai food and have really missed it since moving away from VA, so it didn't take me long to decide what to order: Tom Kah Gai soup and Panang chicken curry. Both were delish.

Tom Kah Gai is made with coconut milk, lemon grass, chicken, and button mushrooms. Its very tasty. We had a great time again, and made tentative plans to dine together again.

Then, this morning before work I started my pot of coffee and walked the dog, which is my daily routine. I have several flavored coffees to choose from, and today I chose the Tropical Kiss, with the "smooch" of coconut. When I returned from the walk I poured myself a cup and headed upstairs to my office. Only today, when I tasted the coffee it tasted like lemon grass.

This made no sense at all. Tropical Kiss has a "smooch" of coconut, not lemon grass. But I swear to god that coffee tasted like lemon grass!

Then I wondered if somehow my taste buds had gotten confused from Tues night's Tom Kah Gai, with the coconut milk and lemon grass. But why would my taste buds convert chocolate and coconut into coconut and lemon grass?

If I ate a coconut macaroon, would it taste like lemon grass? I don't know because I didn't have any macaroons in the house (I'm trying to watch what I eat, remember?). So it remains a mystery why the chocolate/coconut coffee tasted like lemon grass.

I drank it anyway.

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Mistress Maddie said...

It's probably not best to over think the taste, just drink it!

tornwordo said...

The power of suggestion?

Anonymous said...

It must be a mixture with all that paper you're swamped under that is giving you that lemon grassy taste. ;-)

I hope the paper piles are swindling!

cb said...

Perhaps the earthiness of the coffee hhas tricked you into the lemongrass taste. Plus you haven't had Thai in awhile so...

Jeff said...

Oh well, just go with it! Coconut, lemon grass, it's all tropical! I, too, LOVE Thai food. :)

Bugsy said...

That is odd. I don't remember any sort of lemongrass with that coffee.

Joy said...