Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who's your daddy?

I thought this was a pretty amazing story!

Man Discovers Co-Worker Is Really Dad
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(Feb. 12) – Police Sgt. Chris Walker struggled to solve the mystery of finding his own biological father -- until one day when he realized the man working with him in a Virginia police department shared his DNA, reported the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The story started 37 years ago, when a teenager named Clay Hamilton dated a slightly older woman who had just separated from her husband, the newspaper said. The woman lost touch after she got pregnant, returned to her husband and moved. Hamilton tried to contact her, but to no avail.

More recently, Hamilton retired from the Richmond, Va., police department and took another job with the Petersburg police -- where Walker works, according to the 'Today' show.

Walker told the Times-Dispatch that the man's name sounded familiar, so he chatted him up. He ran the details he learned by his mom.
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"There was a pause on the phone, and she said, 'That’s your dad'," Walker told the newspaper.
A DNA test proved the link.

"I cried" over the news, Hamilton told the Today show.

Walker has no hard feelings, he said. "He's my dad, and I love him," he told the newspaper. "God works in the mysterious ways."

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Anonymous said...

How interesting. At least my father was smart about where he played. There are a few thousand miles of ocean between my half-brother and I.

That was the Navy back in the 50's and 60's. Leave a trail of little bastards in your wake.

Bob said...

I saw that story on the news.
it's a good way!

Eddie said...

Life has an odd way of coming full-circle huh? Wonderful story. At least he didn't have any hard feelings towards his dad.

Your Crush du Jour is pretty hot. Massive arms. Looks a bit Latino.


David Dust said...

That was a lovely story - but the Crush du Jour is a HOTTIE. I must find more pics of him.

BTW - got your message today. You are so sweet. I told "the girls" you said hello. Next time we do this, I want you and Spouse to visit as well!!

And, believe it or not, I've NEVER been to the California Cafe in Carlisle. You know ME ... it's Arby's or it's nothing!


cb said...

It would have been hotter had they found out they were father and son after they had sex...

What? I'm just sayin ...

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at CB's comment above! :-) Thankfully father and son were on good terms from the start.

Joy said...

Interesting how things like that can happen. Glad it had a happy ending.