Friday, February 13, 2009

Big and long

What's big and long and gets me excited?

Our upcoming weekend, that's what! Its 'big' in the sense that we have several fun things planned, and 'long' in the sense that Spouse & I both have Mon off for Presidents Day. (Get your minds out of the gutter, girls.)

Our good buddies Bugs & Roger will be visiting us for the long weekend. They're due to arrive Fri around lunch time, and will spend the afternoon shopping at the tax-free outlets. When Spouse gets home and I finish work, the 4 of us will have a nice snack before we're off to the movies.

The Rehoboth Beach Film Society (of which I am a member) is having a mini GLBT film series this weekend, called 'Another Take'. We're going to see "Ciao" (trailers here) Fri night at 7:00, and then have dinner afterward. This film has been favorably review in OUT and The Advocate. Spouse & I have seen several other good gay films as a part of the 'Another Take' film series, so I have high expectations.

Our other good buddies Mike & Clark will also be in our neck of the woods this weekend. Every year they come with their pals Maurice & David for Presidents Day weekend, and stay at a friend's cottage in Rehoboth. Mike & Clark have invited Bugs & Roger and us to join them for lunch on Sat (location TBD), followed by cocktails and dinner Sat night at their cottage. We met Bugs & Roger through Mike & Clark, and we always have a great time together.

Sat also happens to be Valentines day, so I have ordered a dozen orange roses to be delivered to Spouse at his office today.

He loves cut flowers, especially roses, but does not care much for red roses, the universal symbol of love and Valentines day. So often I just send bouquets of various cut flowers for his birthday or our anniversary. But for Valentines day I always send roses, but ask the florist if they have any unusual colored roses. This year its orange. In past years I've sent lavender roses, which were stunning.I always send them to his office so his straight co-workers will see that gay couples behave very much like straight couples. Plus its just fun get flowers at work.

Sun at 2:00 we're going back to the movies to see "Mulligans" (trailers here). It was written by and stars Charlie David, an out gay actor (and former Crush du Jour) whom I like.
Charlie currently hosts the gay travel show called "Bump!" on Logo, starred in "Dante's Cove" on Here!, and has also appeared in "A Four Letter Word" and "Kiss the Bride", both of which are films we saw in past 'Another Take' film series. (Add both to your Netflix queue.) Gotta love our out gay actors!

The rest of Sun and Mon are open. Knowing Bugs & Roger, that time will be casually filled with coffee, laughter, reading, laughter, cocktails, laughter, food, laughter, relaxing, and laughter. Oh, and did I mention laughter?

Wishing all of you something big and long this weekend!

Crush du Jour: Scotty Thomson


Bob said...

You and I have the same ideas, Mark.
I always send Carlos flowers to his office so his straight co-workers can see that there really is no difference betwen gay and straight.
It's all love.
Have a great weekend!

A Lewis said...

That's funny, I ordered roses for my honey and they arrived the mail! I had no idea. Happy VD!!

Mistress Maddie said...

Oh girl,I had something big and long already! We had to get it out of the way now since we will be at David's this weekend! Sounds like you will have a great weekend. I too got flowers for the Boy-Toy and I had some "artistic" pictures done and arranged in a book. More surprises all weekend. Have a good one.

Mistress Maddie

Anonymous said...

My goodness you two have a very active social life.

Keyron and I were talking about something to this effect today. Apparently some people just take too long to figure out someone is no good. I can pretty much determine that when I first meet people. Give me 5 to 10 minutes and I can provide an accurate assessment.

Anonymous said...

Wow you have a packed schedule! Remember to take a deep breath every now and then.

The other good thing about flowers at the office is that it doesn't take long for the flowers fragrance to take over the office. :-)

Have a great weekend!

larry said...

i'm so jealous! i want to see,"ciao." happy valentines day to you both. have a great weekend and tell me about,ciao!

cb said...

I'm a cheap gay... my favorite flower is the carnation, but only the ones that SMELL like carnations.

RAD said...

big and long eh? Love it...Hope you had a nice Valentines! xo

Bugsy said...

It was a great weekend while I was there. I'm so sad that I missed the rest. Oh well, what can you do?

Thanks again for hosting!

Anonymous said...

Sterling Roses, the lavender one s are my favorites.