Friday, February 27, 2009


Tonight we're having dinner with 'the usual suspects' as we usually do on Fridays, and tomorrow morning we are headed back to VA for the weekend. We'll visit with Spouse's family, and attend a Quinceanera.

In the Latino culture, a girl's 15th birthday is a very special one. Its like a 'sweet 16' birthday party, only for Latino girls its their 15th birthday. Our young friend Emely turned 15 earlier this month, and invited us to her Quinceanera tomorrow evening. We were honored to be invited, and are looking forward to it! Her parents have rented the banquet room at a restaurant, and in addition to having dinner there will be a band and dancing. It should be fun!

We met Emely several years ago through our dear friends Kerry & Hugh. Kerry used to work with Ana, who is Emely's mother. Ana and Emely have come with Kerry & Hugh to visit us several times since we moved to DE, and we have enjoyed many, many activities with them over the years. They are like family to us.

We are undecided what to wear. This is definitely not a jeans-and-button-up-shirt kind of thing. Spouse thinks we should wear suits and ties, but I think we can dress a little less formal than that.

By the way, there's a terrific film called
Quinceanera that I would highly recommend. The central theme is a young girl's Quinceanera, but the film is really about much more, including neighborhood gentrification, faith, coming out, and acceptance. Check it out.

Crush du Jour: James Guardino


Anonymous said...

Haven't been to one but there's something I note of Latino culture that I really like.

It reminds me very much of my Italian culture.

Famiglia is everything. But the definition is much more expansive in Latino culture. Even to the point where even me, the Italian-Irish guy gets invited into it.

And Dominicans, oh Dominicans can party like there's no tomorrow. i recall a birthday bash in Manhattan. That was an adventure, birthday girl was so tanked on the way back the slept, even fell off the seat in the van.

When we got there the first thing we were handed was beer. Cerveza! Yay! They literally filled the bathtub with ice, and had several strategically placed large trash barrels filled with ice and more booze.

Next they fed us and then the party was on. It started gaining steam around 9PM and didn't stop until 6AM the next morning.

I'm just preparing you.

Anonymous said...

I come across stores where all they sell are those dresses for a girl's quinceanera. Very lavish at times. I'd wear a sportcoat perhaps with an open dress shirt. That will allow you to dance the night away. :-)

David Dust said...

If I were you, I would definitely wear a jacket (but not necessarily a tie). Once the drinks start flowing, no one will keep their jackets on for long.

BTW - Quinceanera is one of my favorite movies. You can imagine why...


cb said...

I like how you can start banging latino's a year earlier than is legal here.


Joy said...

Sounds like fun! Enjoy!