Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pop goes the Pyrex

Today Spouse stopped in at the Walmart located near his office on his lunch break. He picked up a few food items that are less expensive there than at our location grocery stores, and picked up a medium size round glass Pyrex bowl with a snap-on lid.

We already had 3 of the smaller round glass Pyrex bowls plus many small, medium, and large plastic bowls with snap-on lids so I inquired of him what had triggered this purchase. With me unemployed at present, this seemed an unnecessary expense, even though my Spouse loves him some kitchen gadgets.

So as Spouse was heating some 'Steamables' (frozen vegetables that steam in a bag in the microwave) he went on to explain that plastic food containers usually stain if you put tomato sauce in them and warp if you put them in the dishwasher more than once or twice. Eventually they crack, especially if frozen. He likes the glass Pyrex because they don't stain or warp. You can heat food in them in the microwave and they're dishwasher safe.

Just as he finished his thorough explanation (which was uncharacterically long for him), he opened the 'Steamables' bag and poured the perfectly steamed broccoli into the new glass Pyrex bowl and POP!!! The bowl exploded, sending shards of glass all over the counter top and kitchen floor.

He and I looked at each other, our mouths and eyes wide open in shock. Then I said "Yeah, well a plastic bowl will never do that".

After wiping the counter top and sweeping the floor I put the glass shards into a brown paper bag. Sometimes people toss broken glass into their kitchen trash can which is usually lined with a plastic bag that will easily be sliced open by the glass. Tip: put broken glass into a paper bag which is far less likely to be sliced open, then throw the paper bag into your outdoor garbage can, not your kitchen garbage can.

Since the glass Pyrex bowl was brand new and we still have the receipt, I think I'm going to take it and the surviving snap-on lid back to the store with the receipt and see if I can get the money back.

Hey, every little bit helps!


A Lewis said...

Yikes! And this happened even before the cooking? Wow.

robertga99 said...

Wow, I wonder what caused that. I would take it back for sure and tell them what happened.

behrmark said...

Poor wax eloquent then have that happen.
I wonder if the pyrex dish was made in the U.S. or overseas. Once was a time that Wally World shouted that they only carried Made in the U.S.A. products. Not so true any more.

D said...

I was washing a thick drinking glass by hand and must have bumped it on the faucet or something. I put it on the rack to dry and went to watch TV. 20 minutes later, I heard a loud crash and my immediate thought was that a kid hit a ball through my kitchen window right above my sink, but I got there to find that it was really that the glass has exploded.

Will J said...

May not be a manufacturing defect; it may have been thermal shock (although my liquid measuring cup hasn't exploded when I pour boiling water into it -- yet). Cooks' Illustrated has written of the 'exploding Pyrex' Mar/Apr '03 pp 2-3;and 'shattering Pyrex' May/June '04 pp 2-3, Sep/Oct 04 p3, Mar/Apr '06 p 17. Go to the library and check it out. There are some technical considerations and one is NEVER, NEVER, NEVER put hot Pyrex on a wet or even damp surface (not saying that this happened in your case, but whoda thunk?). It is not likely that the retail staff is going to think and ask you this. It is probably easier for the retailer and the manufacturer to write off the loss and replace the item.

Sorry if its TMI, but, as you can tell, I'm a bit of a kitchen geek.

anne marie in philly said...

too much stress in the glass.

believe it or not, corning (the maker of pyrex) has purchased several glass testing instruments from the company that pays my salary. obviously, this batch of glass was not tested with our instruments that would detect poor glass quality.

take back the fragments to the store from whence it came. I would also write to corning and enclose a pix of the shattered pyrex.

tornwordo said...

I'm just giggling thinking of you trying to return the shards.