Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The letter

As a follow-up on this post, yesterday I mailed the letter I wrote to the construction company in charge of building the house across the street. I also mailed a copy of the letter to the City. Both should arrive today.

I would love to share the entire 2-page letter with you, but since Blogger won't allow me to paste the text (from any source) into a post, you're not going to get to. I'm too lazy to retype the letter, so I'll just share with you the 3 bolded items I requested of the builder:
  1. Immediately discontinue using private property (mine and my neighbor's) without permission
  2. Immediately discontinue blocking our street with construction vehicles, personal vehicles driven by construction workers, and vehicles driven by subcontractors
  3. Immediately commence using the 'regular' street to access the construction site instead of using our 'irregular' and inappropriate street

I'm not fooling myself into thinking I can 'make' them do what I request, but since the City received a copy of the letter I'm hoping the City will contact the construction company as well.

I'm not trying to be a jerk. I just don't want my property used without my permission or damaged, and I don't want to be blocked from leaving or entering my driveway or receiving mail, deliveries, or emergency services if the need should arise. The construction company has a more appropriate means of accessing the construction site that would eliminate all of my concerns so I trying to get them to take advantage of that.

Some people complain about things without DOING anything to fix them. Not me.


D said...

Good for you for sticking up for yourself... but it will probably fall on deaf ears... or worse, they'll act like children about it and be bigger asses. Time will tell.

Ron said...

I'm with you, always speak up or else you'll get trampled on.