Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

We had a slight dusting of snow overnight. Fortunately the temperature rose above freezing and the sun came out this morning so it all melted away already.

Sometimes there are 2 TV shows I'm interested in watching on at the same time. I'll watch 1 and then switch to the other during the commercial breaks. I hate it when BOTH shows run commercial breaks at the same time! Anyone else?

I came across this photo and burst out laughing. I can't even IMAGINE how this happened!!
Spouse & I have joined a gym. Since we had to give up our pricey personal training sessions neither of us has felt good about not exercising. And with Spouse's weight loss goal he really has to exercise in combination with proper diet. The new gym is located inside a community center. I don't like it very much because its cramped, has very poor lighting, and just has a general dreary feeling about it. But its close to our house (convenient) and is the least expensive around so I will tolerate its depressing atmosphere for a few months. But once I'm working and making money again we want to go back to our personal training sessions.

Spouse went back to Weight Watchers last night for the 1st time in almost a month. He'd missed 2 sessions in a row because of Christmas and New Year's Eve and skipped one session because he was busy. The good news is despite all of the holiday parties/food/goodies/etc. he only gained 1/2 a lb. I think that is amazing, and he was rather pleased about it too. So now that the holidays are over he is back on the Weight Watchers wagon and will resume losing weight. His total weight loss since July is 74 lbs.

My 1st day of real estate school is tomorrow! I'll be going from 9am-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays for 6 weekends in a row, so 5 weeks from now I expect to have passed the pre-licensing course and be ready to sit for the
state/national licensing exam a few days later. However, most likely the hardest part for me will be deciding on an agency with whom to associate myself. Unlike traditional jobs where compensation and benefit packages are quite similar, realtor compensation and agency perks vary quite a bit. I will likely have to 'interview' the agencies and use a spreadsheet to compare the compensation percentages and agency perks. I'll need to add to that my general comfort level with the principals of the agencies in order to make the right choice for me. In general I've been very encouraged by the feelers I've put out there.

Sometimes I wonder if making such a huge career change should make me more nervous than I am. I hope I'm not that nervous about it because I truly feel its the right direction in which I should be moving.

My friend Lisa sent me this funny video. Quite clever!

Last night Spouse & I watched a really cute film called 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous. It takes place in beautiful New Zealand. We really liked it! It was cute, touching, and the end wasn't predictable. Stream it or check it out on Netflix!

Here's wishing everyone a terrific weekend!


anne marie in philly said...

YAYZ for spouse!

and good luck with your classes, honey! all your friends are pulling for you!

Ron said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about your real estate training sessions. I have no doubt that you will be fabulously successful in your new career. This is so right for you.

Give my congratulations to Spouse! Losing 79 pounds is a BIG achievement! I wish him continued success.

The key to keeping the weight off is plenty of walking. Walk, walk, walk. It's good for the circulation and the pounds (especially around the waist) just melt away.

Seey you tonight!

D said...

I am a licensed real estate agent... it's a piece of cake.. you'll do fine. I actually took the course twice 1986 and 2008 and passed the test on the first try both times.

You need to get a dual-head DVR... you can tape two shows and watch something else totally different all at the same time.

cb said...

Good luck in school! Study hard, drink milk!

Rick said...

I hope your classes went well. Good luck in this endeavor.
I know exactly what you mean about commercials. Networks seem to be on the same track and have caught on to channel surfers habits. You get the bulk of commerecials about 8 minutes into a show and then another 8 or 10 minutes. Then they show another 20 ads before the closing/crdits are shown and they sjump right inot the next program making you think ahhhh no commercials. I hate it!