Wednesday, January 05, 2011

DMV fail

Today I drove Big Ella to the DMV for her biennial safety inspection and registration renewal. Since I drove her in 3 different Christmas parades with no issues within the last month, I wasn't expecting any problems. I cheerfully motored over to the DMV 20 minutes away and was happy there was no line for the inspection.

I was not so cheerful when the inspector informed me that Big Ella had no brake lights. Yikes!! No brake lights could be a huge problem. Big Ella failed the inspection.

I recalled having this same issue in Sept of 2009. My mechanic said it was a loose wire, which he fixed for a nominal fee. The brake lights worked during the parades a month ago because I can see them illuminate in the rear view mirror, since they are mounted up high on the fins.

So I dropped Big Ella off at the mechanics and informed him of the issue. We also discussed a few other updates the car should have since she's already at the garage. I should hear back from the mechanic by Fri, letting me know Big Ella is ready to be picked up and re-inspected. Since my severance has stopped let's hope it doesn't cost too much.


Ron said...

OH NO! So sorry to hear that Big Ella failed. By the way, what are "break" lights? Are they the same as "brake" lights? You know, when you put your foot on the BRAKE the lights in the rear get brighter? Or do you have lights that go on when Big Ella takes a "break." Just asking. :)

Ron said...

BTW, Big Ella looks DAMN GOOD from the rear! Just saying.

Rick said...

I hope Big Ella is doing better. I really hope you have a good mechanic. An amateur can really screw up wiring.