Wednesday, January 19, 2011

American Idol

Tonight begins season 10 of American Idol. I've set my DVR since I don't plan to watch it live.

I written many times about my dislike for all the unnecessary talking from the judges. Some constructive feedback would be great, but it seems like there's only about 11 minutes of singing in an hour of this show. Honestly, I don't know how the judges even come up with so much NOTHING to say. Perhaps this season will be a little better since 2 out of the 3 judges are new. But I'm going to DVR the show and fast-forward through all the unnecessary talking. Last season we didn't have a DVR so I just avoided the show altogether.

Technically the real show doesn't start for a few more weeks. Tonight begins the casting episodes which I just can't force myself to watch because I know they are totally bogus. Several years ago a friend of mine tried out for American Idol and learned the truth. Singers are eliminated as they pass through about 5 levels of auditions before they ever see the judges. So, when you watch the casting episodes and you hear contestants who can't carry a tune if it were handed to them in a bushel basket singing in front of the judges, its fake. Its staged. The producers intentionally push these untalented people through to the judges just so they'll have something outrageous for the casting episodes. This really rubs me the wrong way so I boycott the casting episodes and will only start watching the DVR'd episodes once the contestants actually get to Hollywood.


A Lewis said...

My patience for AI has run out. It's the first year that I've sworn off of watching it.

Joy said...

I don't like the audition parts and dislike it even more now that I know more about it. Thank you! What bothers me about AI is that "twirly" singing they do. It gets on my nerves. I watched it to see how Steven Tyler and J-Lo do and thought they did pretty well for their first time. We'll see, I guess, but I don't usually watch it. Conflict with DWTS comes into play.

Ron said...

I wasn't able to watch American Ido for the past four years because I have DirecTV and it didn't carry local channels. When I did watch it, I liked everything except the "Dawg" references, over and over and over again. Even the fake parts, I loved it. This year DirecTV has local channels and I'm DVR'ing it. I haven't watched any episodes yet but I'm leary because I don't like JoLo, Steven Tyler or "Dawg." But I'll check it out. There is a tinge or reality there among all the staged fakiness that I do like.