Monday, December 03, 2007

Weekend update

As planned, Fri evening we drove back to DC. I dropped the dog and Spouse off at his mom's, then went to Freddie's to sing karaoke. My friend from high school Chris was there, and so was my old karaoke buddy Sean, whom I'd not seen in several months. I had a great time catching up with the two of them, as well as singing. I sang "Merry Christmas, Darling" by the Carpenters and "Mambo Italiano" originally by Rosemary Clooney, but more recently by Bette Midler.

Sat morning Spouse & I took his mom and my aunt Mary with us to see the Olde Towne Manassas Christmas parade. The parade marches down the street where Kerry & Hugh live so they always invite a mess o' folks over to watch the parade and snack on goodies and hot beverages. As always, the parade was fun to watch and we had a really good time talking with the other folks there. After the parade about 20 of us hung out inside Kerry & Hugh's for an hour or so, then went to Anthony's restaurant for a late lunch. We got back to Ev's house at 4:30. Later that night Spouse's sister came over with her 3 kids and hung out with us for a while and watched TV.

As is always the case, staying at Ev's is a challenge. Many times our dog is responsible for extra stress or work for us when staying there, but this time it was Ev. She had the thermostat up so high that the heat was running like crazy and we were roasting. Spouse suggested she turn it down a little, since the house was warmer than it needed to be. She seemed to get a little miffed at his suggestion and declared to us that she is "an old lady" and doesn't like "being cold inside my own house". So while she was still awake we had to endure the oppressive heat. When she went to bed Spouse turned the thermostat down so we wouldn't be sweating in bed. Note to self: this is another reason NOT to spend 5 days at Ev's house over Christmas!

Sun morning we left just before 9am and got home shortly after 11am. We both showered and changed clothes, then headed out the door to a 'Thank you' luncheon held by our realtor for all her clients who bought or sold in 2007. The food was good but we felt a little 'out of place'. We were definitely the youngest clients in the room by a long shot, which meant our conversations with the others were a little strained. On our way home we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things.

I had planned to re-attach the exterior Christmas decorations that had blown down during last Tuesday's tornado-like winds, but it was very grey and cold, and it seemed as if it was about to rain or snow at any minute. So I decided to leave them to another day when the weather seemed more amicable.

We were scheduled to meet up with John & David for dinner at 6:15, but Spouse's laryngitis was worse than ever and he was feeling tired and achy. He's had laryngitis for over 3 weeks now. Its really a misnomer to say he has a cold, because he doesn't have any cold symptoms most of the time. Most of the time he doesn't even feel bad. But occasionally, like Sun, he does, so he swallows a handful of vitamins and herbal supplements and goes to bed early. The next day he feels fine again. So I called John & David and suggested we postpone to another time when Spouse was feeling better.

While Spouse took a late afternoon nap, I watched a Netflix DVD "A Chorus Line". I saw the musical in one of the Washington DC theatres many years ago and enjoyed it, but had never seen the 1985 adaptation. Unfortunately I wasn't impressed with it. Spouse woke up, we heated up some left-overs for dinner, then we both watched another Netflix DVD "The Last Year". Its about 3 young men in their last/senior year at a bible college who are suspected of being gay. The story line had some real potential, but it just wasn't executed. Some important points regarding the interpretation of certain bible texts could have been incorporated, but it wound up being somewhat melodramatic and empty.

Today is like a repeat of last Tuesday's tornado-like winds! I sure am glad I didn't spend any time re-attaching those decorations! I'd be super-pissed if I had done so and they'd all blown down again today. Although I was extremely happy with the look of my original design, I am seriously considering the feasibility of it. It just seems like living near the beach its always a little too windy for all those garlands hanging from the windows. So now I'm brainstorming ways of re-purposing the garlands, bows, and lights into a different, more secure type of decoration. Unfortunately the new design will have to be limited to the 1st story of the house. The 2nd story gets too much wind, and any decorations that get blown off would have to be re-attached by borrowing our neighbor's ladder again and climbing around on the 1st story porch roof again. Not practical.

This evening I go for my weekly work out.

And a little historical fact: 39 years ago on this day, December 3, 1968 MCC founder Reverand Troy Perry officiated the church's very first same-sex holy union.

Drag Queen name of the day: Selma Belongings


Gregory said...

Your life sounds so full and stable.


I can't even imagine.

Mark in DE said...

Ah, then the illusion is complete! :-)