Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

Today is New Years Eve and I'm off work. Its not a company holiday, but since I had vacation time to use in Dec I decided to use a day today in order to have a 4 day weekend. Spouse couldn't take off today because he had a review panel to participate in.

After showering this morning I read my email, caught up on a few blogs I read regularly, then fed Jordan and took her for a walk. Unable to tolerate the cluttered and dirty kitchen any longer, I made myself some french toast flavored coffee and spent an hour unloading the clean dishes from the dishwasher, putting dirty dishes into it, washing 3 large mixing bowls and 3 large cookie baking sheets, wiping down the counters and stove top, washing out the coffee maker, putting away the electric skillet, and putting all the gift wrap and supplies back into their plastic storage containers. Now it once again looks like sane people live here.

I don't have a long 'to do' list today as I did on some previous days off this month. While I may do a few more household chores, I also intend to finish catching up on my favorite blogs and enjoying my day off. I may even watch a movie from Netflix today.

Tonight we're picking up Rick & Nick and going to Randy & Dean's house in Salisbury for dinner. I'm assuming their intent was to have us stay until midnight, although they didn't specifically invite us for a New Years Eve celebration, just dinner. But who would invite someone for dinner on New Years Eve and not expect them to stay until midnight? I guess we should be prepared, just in case. If we're not dead tired when we get back to Lewes, we may stop in at our neighbors Jim & Barb's for a quick minute. They're having a New Years Even party tonight and told us to stop in when we get home from our dinner.

I have less than 11 hours until New Years, so I'd better start thinking about my resolutions for 2008. What are your New Years Eve resolutions?

Drag Queen name of the day: Tara Misu


Gregory said...

I'm so glad you're back in sewing circle!! Yay!

Bugsy said...

My New Years Resolution is very easy for me to achieve.

Here it is: No more resolutions!

I can't tell you how wonderful that makes me feel!

Happy New Year!

Stephen R. said...

Happy New Year!!! Wishing you a joyous '08!!!