Friday, December 07, 2007

Note from an old friend

I received the following from a guy I worked with nearly 10 years ago. The story he related left me in tears with laughter! Enjoy.

"Happy b'day, Mark! This year, I've got a gift for you: a story from our Winstar days...

MaryLou and I were in cubes next to each other; you were on the other side of the file cabinet row from us. All within easy earshot--just turn around and chat. You surely remember the layout of that office on Spring Hill Rd. Anyway, MaryLou was yapping away one day about Shania Twain's records. She said she thought a particular album that hit the charts in '98 might have been her first big hit.

But I knew better (out-of-the-closet Country/Pop fan that I am, despite all the Guns 'n' Roses and Rolling Stones albums I have), so I chimed in, "Actually, MaryLou, 'The Woman In Me' came out in 1995..." to which YOU replied, "Gary, that's big news, and I am very proud of you!"

Makes me smile every time I think of it, and girlfriend-then-and-now-wife Connie gets a kick out of it also.

Cheeers! Make it a great year!


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Bugsy said...

Happy Birthday!

Good come back on your part! Loved it!