Friday, December 14, 2007


The other night I had a sexy dream.

The dream started with me inside Sean's house. (Sean is a guy I met about a year ago while singing karaoke at Freddie's.) I know Sean lives in a condo in real life, but not in my dream. I'd written him a 'love note' and walked outside to put it on his pick-up truck. I don't know if he have a pick-up truck or not, but once again, in my dream he does. Once the note was attached, I was coming back into the house and when I opened the door he were standing there.

We just stood there for a minute looking into each other's eyes. He was wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and cowboy boots. Again, not sure if he even owns cowboy boots or not, but in my dream he does. Eventually he just smiled at me and extended his hand as if to say 'follow me', although no words were spoken.

So I took his hand and followed him into the house and down a lit hallway to his bedroom. There were no lights on in the bedroom and he did not turn any on when we entered the room.

Without speaking Sean began undressing, so I did the same. He laid down on the bed, in the dark, and I did the same. Then I broke the silence and whispered "Is it okay? I know you have to get up for work in the..." at which point he interrupted me and said "Yes, its okay."

Although it was dark and I couldn't see his face, I could feel him smiling at me. I leaned over and kissed him, softly at first, and then the fireworks started. There was some serious suck-face and hand-roaming going on. It was really getting good! And then...

I woke up.

My heart was beating rapidly and my dick was hard as a rock. I told myself "It was just a dream. Relax, calm down, and go back to sleep."

But I didn't fall back asleep for a while. I laid there wondering why I'd have such a dream, and why I sort of felt disappointed when I realized it was only a dream. Then I told myself to stop being silly, because dreams don't mean anything. They are NOT expressions of our subconscious desires, as some used to think. I mean, I remember reading about this in psychology. But I kept thinking about it, and wondering. Eventually I fell back asleep.

Although I believe that dreams are not the direct expression of our subconscious desires, I do believe that dreams allow us to explore hidden thoughts in a safe way.

For example, I am not in love with Sean. I've never spent any time with him anywhere but at karaoke. From what I know of him he's a nice guy, and he's attractive. But I do not believe my dream was indicating a desire to have an affair with him.

More likely, the dream was a safe exploration of a desire for a hot, passionate encounter, not specifically with Sean. I think this is quite normal for couples like Spouse & me, who have been together so many years. Sometimes the hot passion is replaced over the course of years by the comfort of love and dependability. Perhaps my subconscious simply inserted Sean into this fun, passionate, sexy dream since he is attractive and I know very little about him. Could have just as likely been Pete Kuzak or Nick Beyeler.

For a quick moment I felt a little guilty for having this sexy dream that did not even include the idea of Spouse. But the more I thought about it, the more I figured this was no different than the time I dreamt I had moved into Mary Tyler Moore's apartment (the one with the sunken living room) and Spouse was no where in the dream. Perfectly harmless, perfectly fun.

Happy Friday!

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Java said...

I've had dreams like that (OK, not exactly like *that*) where I am in a compromising position with someone who is not my spouse. I tend to get scared during the dream because I realize this is the wrong guy! And I feel a bit guilty if I'm really enjoying the "compromising position" with the interloper.

Gregory said...

Nothing wrong with the dream. Pretty hot.

Does Spouse read? Will he be jealous? Or is there dialogue about this in your relationship?

Anonymous said...

I have dreams like that too occasionally. Interestingly, I usually don't know the "Objects of My Affection". A sign of a longing for teh anonymous gey sehks? Naw. Not if it means I have to get used to someone else seeing me nekkid. We just have vivid dream lives!