Friday, December 21, 2007

Another day off, and free shoes

Spouse & I both took the day off today. Unlike last Mon when I had a list of things to do, today we didn't have anything particular planned. Surprisingly our day filled up quickly.

We started off with a trip to the discount family dept store that's always sending us coupons and such, and where we finished our holiday shopping last Sun. When we checked out last Sun we were given two $20. gift cards that were only good from Dec 20-24. So we decided to look for something for ourselves, since our gift shopping is done.

I got a great pair of Sketchers shoes completely free! That's right, free. The shoes were $39.99 and the gift cards totalled $40. and since there's no sales tax in DE, I got the shoes completely free. They're great looking; brown leather with tan suede and dark brown trim. What a treat!

Then we decided to have lunch at our favorite lunch spot in Rehoboth: Cafe Sole. We both had a great soup and 1/2 sandwich lunch special, then took a short walk on the boardwalk. The weather was grey and overcast today but the ocean was still beautiful. We ducked into a few stores and I bought a sand dollar to hang on our Christmas tree. In the Christmases to come I will hang the sand dollar again and again and remember it to be the sand dollar from our 1st Christmas in Lewes.

Then we decided to take a little road trip to Salisbury. We'd heard that lots of the 'big box' stores were located there, which we do not have close by us. Not that we had any great desire to hang out in those stores with all the last minute shoppers, but Spouse thought he might like a new 'party shirt' to wear next Sat when we're going to 2 holiday parties. He didn't find anything he loved, but we also found a vitamin store, which thrilled Spouse greatly. Its difficult to find some of the herbal supplements he likes near where we live except at the expensive GNC store. So he stocked up on some items he felt were better priced than at GNC. We also ducked into a few other stores like Old Navy and Ross since they were in the same parking lot. Old Navy looked like a bomb had gone off inside. Guess those TV commercials playing every 7 minutes really did the trick.

We're back home now, but only for about an hour. I'm going to feed the dog and take her for a short walk (with my keys in my pocket!) and then we're meeting 'the usual suspects' for our weekly Fri night dinner at the Miltonian restaurant at 7:00.

After dinner we need to stop at the grocery store to pick up some fresh flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and walnuts for tomorrow's baking. Our friends Rich & Aaron are coming from Smyrna to bake cookies with us. They're making 2 types of cookies and we're making 2 types of cookies, and then we'll split what we've made so we both have 4 types of cookies. It should be really fun!

Drag Queen name of the day: Jenny Tailya


Gregory said...

Free shoes and christmas cookies! Fantastic. So jealous!

Java said...

How wonderful to enjoy being together on your day off. Isn't this time of year so cheery!