Thursday, December 06, 2007

Snow and work

When the snow stopped falling around 5pm yesterday I thought we were done. I had an appointment at 7:00 and upon exiting the building at 8:45 I found it snowing again. I was a bit surprised.

It was still snowing when Spouse & I went to bed at 11. This morning the sun was shining brightly and my little town was cloaked in sparkling whiteness. The reflection made me squint, but it was truly a beautiful sight.

I bundled up tightly to walk Jordan, as it was only 23 degrees. And since its always breezy here at the beach, it always feels colder than it actually is. Isn't it weird to think of snow at the beach? Its weird so see it, too.

Though very cold it was a beautiful morning walk. It really made me appreciate even more my hot morning coffee. This week's flavor, you ask? Why, delicious French Toast. Mmmmmm.

Jordan seemed mildly perturbed that the snow made it slightly harder for her beagle-senses to pick up exciting smells. Without thinking I tried to avoid walking in the snow and instead walked on the 'wet' street, which wasn't wet at all, it was icy. I slipped and nearly fell down, had it not been for my cat-like reflexes. Then I felt grateful that I didn't have to drive to work; that my 'commute' is just down the hallway.

Work has been super-busy this week. I've actually had so much to do that I've not had time to catch up on my favorite blogs. I've barely had time to sneak over and read my personal email. I had end-of-the-billing-period stuff to do, plus 2 of my biggest clients had special things going on this week, requiring more from me than usual. One of the client's projects will be done tomorrow, and the other one done next Thurs. Then things should really slow down in preparation for the holidays. Good thing, too, because I have 4 days of leave I must use before the end of the month or I'll loose them. So I'm taking off Mon the 17th, Fri the 21st, Wed the 26th (day after Christmas), and Mon the 31st.

Our company has decided to send holiday gift baskets to the top 20 clients. (That is, the 20 clients who've spent the most money with us this year.) I was quite proud to find that 13 of the 20 clients were mine. I must be doing something right!

Drag Queen name of the day: Tiffany Lamp

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