Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cover clutcher

Spouse is a cover clutcher. He clutches the covers when he turns over in bed at night, pulling them off (or nearly off) of me. I wake up cold and have to tug at the covers, disturbing his sleep, to get the covers back on me.

While awake I asked him why he clutches the covers when he turns over. After all, nobody appreciates a cover clutcher. He said he wasn't aware of it, since he's asleep when he does it. Initially I accepted this response under the same logic that people who snore often aren't aware they are doing it.

But then I began to think of my own turning over in bed. Although asleep, I do not clutch the covers when turning over. Quite the contrary, I lift the covers slightly, turn over, and let the covers back down. These two disparate nocturnal behaviors really have me puzzled.

And have you ever noticed how the top sheet will drift to one side of the bed while the blanket always drifts to the other side? Its almost like two positive magnets opposing each other. I'm always waking up with just the sheet over me, and some on the floor beside me, while Spouse will be covered with the blanket but no sheet.

Drag Queen name of the day: Penny Kostal


Java said...

My husband and I have cover clutcher problems sometimes. But I tend to be hotter than he is, so sometimes the sheet is enough for me while he needs the quilt, too. And yes, the disparate pieces of bed cover on our bed move in unique directions. I don't even bother to tuck in the sheet at the foot of the bed. Major waste of time. We have solved the problem of cover-hogging by each of us using a different cover/blanket. The bed gets made with everything stacked neatly, but when we go to bed at night they get separated into "individual servings." The only disadvantage is if I want to snuggle up to him in my sleep, I can't find him because his blanket encapsulation is different from mine.

tornwordo said...

spouse says I'm a wrapper. That he will come to bed and I've rolled my self up like a pig in a blanket.