Monday, December 17, 2007

Day off

I took today off work because I have 4 days of "use it or lose it" leave I can not carry over to next year. In anticipation of being off today I made a list of things to do:
  • take recycling to drop off center
  • prepare and mail bank deposit
  • unload clean dished/load dirty dished in dishwasher
  • buy stamps and drop off cards at post office
  • get haircut
  • go to Marshalls
  • get baskets, trash bags, batteries at Dollar store
  • personal trainer appt
  • work on holiday cards

I'm happy to say I accomplished everything on the list except the last item, work on holiday cards, so I felt the day was rather productive. Although the tasks weren’t the type I’d normally take a day off work for, they needed to be done and I needed to use the time.

Its been very cold and extremely windy the last few days, similar to the mini-tornado-like weather that removed my hanging exterior holiday decor. We had a wind gust advisory on Fri night, Sat & Sun. Although there was no advisory today, it was still rather windy. The wind made the 36 degree temperature feel much colder than 36 degrees when I walked Jordan.

Despite the wind and 36 degrees, yesterday I saw - not one, but - 2 people wearing flip flops. Is that not insane? I was wondering what might cause someone to select open footwear in any obviously inappropriate season, and only came up with these:

  • Feverish-foot Disorder (FFD). This is a disorder whereby the sufferer's feet are always feverishly hot. They can only find relief by going barefoot or wearing open footwear.
  • Incredibly late. A person who is incredibly late may simply opt for the closest footwear in an attempt to save time, regardless of its perceived or unperceived inappropriateness.
  • Too damn lazy. A person who is too damn lazy will simply step into the first footwear they encounter, despite its known inappropriateness, because they are too damn lazy to look in their closet.

That’s it. I couldn’t think of any other reasons.

Work out update: week 15
Last evening's work out was good. I did a new exercise where you hold dumb bells above your shoulders (near your ears) and alternate raising and lowering each dumb bell. After the 1st set he switched out the dumb bells to heavier ones and I did a 2nd set. Then for the 3rd set he had me raise and lower both dumb bells simultaneously. That was harder.

I love that Rick changes up my exercises all the time. It keeps the work outs interesting and it gives you a more well-rounded work out.

Drag Queen name of the day: Ann Tagonist


Bugsy said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Its also cold and windy here. I guess winter is fast approaching!

cb said...

were they wearing the flipflops with socks or without? I can sort of see the whole birkenstock+heavy wool sock thing... that used to be granola-fashionable. but just a flipflop? Quel Dommage!

Mark in DE said...

They were regular rubber flip flops, like those you'd wear to the beach, with NO socks. I don't know how they could walk. Surely their feet were so cold there was no feeling left in them... unless they have FFD.

Mark :-)

Gregory said...

If they were sandals, then maaaaaaybe. But shower flip flops? Oh, for heaven's sake. Lazy bitches.

tornwordo said...

The retarded footwear just makes me shake my head.