Friday, November 30, 2007

Little things that don't deserve their very own post

I finally updated the links on the left. I'd been meaning to do it for a few weeks but forgot how to. I finally figured it out. So if you enjoy what you read here and want to read other blogs that may be similar, feel free to visit those that I read. And if you're a fellow blogger and wish to link to me, please do.

Here's a pet peeve of mine: I hate doors and drawers that are left open about an inch. Spouse does this all the time. He leaves most, if not all, of his dresser drawers open about an inch and it drives me crazy. Just push a teeny-tiny bit harder and you'll close the drawers completely! He also leaves the coat closet door ajar about an inch. To me it just looks sloppy so I push it shut at least 100 times a day.

Since I work at home I usually don't wear shoes during the day. Instead, during cold weather I wear socks and/or socks with slippers. Spouse gave me a great pair of suede slippers with fleece lining for Christmas several years ago and I've been wearing them ever since. I love them! My problem? These favorite slippers have become stinky. Sometimes I'll take the slippers off and smell really offensive foot odor. I remember as a teenager having particularly odoriferous feet, to the point that my mother made me start drinking Acidophilus milk. Apparently some culture, bacteria or something in the Acidophilus milk was supposed to help. As I recall, with puberty I simply grew out of it and haven't had a problem with it since. But what do I do with my favorite slippers? Does sprinkling foot powder inside shoes and slippers work?

In a quandary over what to get for those on your gift list who have everything? Get them an "I Support Gay Rites" T-shirt! Its the perfect gift. What could make this gift even better? Order it online!
And while you're at it, pick one up for yourself to wear proudly... and one for me! Just doing my little part to "make the yuletide gay"!

This evening we're going back to DC. I'm going to sing karaoke at Freddie's tonight, and Sat morning we're going to Kerry & Hugh's house in Manassas to watch the Olde Towne Manassas Christmas parade. The parade passes right in front of their house so the view couldn't be better. They always invite a boatload of people over and have coffee, tea, hot chocolate and enough sugary goodies to put you into a glucose coma. Its great fun and we go to it every year. We'll be back home Sun around noon in order to attend a 'Thank you' luncheon given by our realtor to her clients that have bought or sold during 2007. Hey, who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?

Drag Queen name of the day: Leah Tard


cb said...

dude, I cannot express how MUCH I hate the open drawer, closet door, cupboard thing. I simply HAVE to have them all closed. I will leave clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink, newspapers lying about-- but I MUST have closed drawers!

Oh, and maybe febreze in the slippies-- or get new ones this xmas.

Mark in DE said...

Thanks for the testimony, my brutha! And thanks for the febreze in the slippers idea too. I'll try it.

RAD said...

my bad-- I leave our kitchen drawers sometimes slightly open--like a milimeter or 2...and my hunny Jeff just has a cow..I thought he was strange...guess its a bother for reals!!! I will work on it for sure! :-)