Thursday, November 01, 2007

More updates

As I correctly predicted, we didn't even have 3 kids trick-or-treat at our house last night. Just 1, the son of a friend who doesn't even live in our neighborhood. Our 1 and only trick-or-treater was bused in! I am SO glad I talked Spouse out of buying 2 or 3 bags of candy "just in case", "so we don't run out". Unlike the many Delawareans who decorate as much for Halloween as for Christmas, we did not do so, save for 3 lit candles along the walkway from the street to the porch. I wonder if our lone trick-or-treater appreciated the effort?

Our darling dog Jordan, who almost met an untimely demise at my hands earlier this week, seems to be back to her old self. I’m happy to report that Tues & Wed there were no incidents of peeing indoors, throwing up indoors, or attempted manipulations to get me to walk her. Her “hot spot” (infection) is clearing up nicely; she doesn’t seem to be licking it as much anymore. Her poops have finally returned to a reasonable solidity, thank the Lord! I think our girl is gonna make it!

It really tried to be fall for a few days this week. Sun, Mon, and Tues it was pretty chilly with the high temperature only reaching into the upper 50s and lower 60s. At night it went way down into the lower 40s. We finally needed to put a blanket on the bed. Yesterday it was in the mid 60s, and today it is 72. Not trying so much to be fall today, it seems. I don’t care. I think I’m going to put the top down on the car and scoff when I run errands this afternoon. I love Indian -err... I mean Native American Summers!

Work out
Session 8: This week’s work out was all about the lower body: legs and abs. I kinda missed the arms and chest stuff. Rick strapped on 10-lb weights to both of my legs and made me to a bunch of different exercises. I didn’t like that too much; made me feel like I was walking in quicksand. As usual, I took a quick break ½ way through to eat my trail mix and drink some water in order to keep my blood pressure from crashing. It didn’t work. Right at the end of my workout, after 50 ‘elbows and knees’, Rick told me to go 5 minutes on the treadmill, but as I walked toward it, I felt the tale-tell signs. So I laid down on the floor and waited for it to pass. Damn! I’d been doing so well. If anyone actually reads this blog and happens to also work out and also happens to know anything about what could be causing this, please post a comment.

Earlier this week the 4th wall was raised and then plywood attached to all 4 walls of the 3-stall garage being built across the way. Shots from the pneumatic nail guns punctuated my workday like the soundtrack to ‘Saving Private Ryan’. Yesterday the plywood floor and stud walls of the 2nd story went up. This is going to be 1 hellavu garage! Rumor has it that the owner will live temporarily in the garage while he supervises the construction of 3 spec houses. Then the construction company will build the owner’s house, presumably close to the huge garage. Construction vehicles continue to drive the wrong direction down our narrow little one-way street. One of the neighbors told me she’d called the police about it twice already, and urged me to call and voice my safety concerns as well. I haven’t done so yet, as it seems this will easily cement me into ‘grumpy old man’-hood. But I am concerned about the very real possibility of a head-on collision due to these irresponsible drivers.

Drag Queen name of the day: Mae Beelater

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Anonymous said...

Re: your exercise issues. I am not sure what "that feeling" is. I guess dizziness or nausea, right? You just have to build up your stamina. You have gone 40+ years without much exercise, and your body isn't used to it. You have to keep at it though, and not let setbacks discourage you. I am not sure about the blood-pressure crash thing...sounds wierd. But Markles, discomfort is part of way around it, you work your 40+ year old body, it's gonna hurt sometimes. It's all subjective, tho, Ask your trainer...I've known guys who didn't feel like they had a great leg workout unless they actually puked afterwards, no bullshit. Just try to work through, the rewards outweigh the detriments.

Keep at it,