Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Middle of the night

Man, I love 'middle of the night' sex, don't you?

Its 11:00 as you crawl into bed, turn off the light, and bid each other good night with a kiss. You both have to get up for work the next morning so in practically no time you're both drifting off to slumberland.

Then, in the middle of the night you awaken, at least partially. Maybe it was because of a dream you just had but can't remember; maybe not. But you feel a certain carnal stirring. You glance over at the window: still pitch black outside. What time is it? You can't see the clock because its on his side of the bed.

So you roll over to face the inside of the bed and notice in the dimness that he's facing the outside of the bed. Perfect. You slide up behind him in a delicate spoon action and wrap your arm around him gently and allow it to rest on his chest.

Though not really awake, he responds by gently snuggling up against you. Is this his silent way of telling you he wouldn't mind being awakened? You try a little test to know for sure. You slowly and gently slide your hand on his chest a few times. Slowly. Gently. If he reaches up and stops your hand you'll know he just wants to continue sleeping.

But he doesn't. He lightly strokes your arm as it gently glides along his chest. Green light.

You lean in closer and begin gently kissing his neck, ear, and shoulder. You feel his backside begin to press against your hips, and both yours and his breathing starts to become audible.

Your hands are exploring each other's bodies as he turns from lying on his side to lying on his back. You can feel your heart racing inside your chest as if you were running a marathon. You can feel his heart pounding too as he pushes you onto your back and kisses your chest. Then your neck. Then your lips. What time is it? Who cares.

About 15 minutes later you're finished; both of you lying on your backs, your arm somehow tangled under his waist, as you allow your panting breaths to subside. He lifts his hips slightly as you try to pull your arm out from under. More silence.

Finally, in a whispered tone he asks if you're going to get a towel or should he. You think 'How sweet' that he asked. You say you will, and you kiss him softly on the lips as you hand it to him. Now you can see the clock. 4:13 am. That leaves almost 2 hours to fall back asleep before the alarm goes off. That'll work.

It needn't last an hour to be good. Nope, sometimes 15 minutes in the middle of the night is perfect.

Drag Queen name of the day: Jean Pool


Stephen R. said...

15 minutes in the middle of the night is Heaven.

cb said...

For me this is a good thing 'in theory only'. Anyone who wakes me up in the middle of the night by touching me will lose the offending appendage.

Cooper said...

Wow. I need 15 minutes after reading this. Talk about breath quickening. So tender and passionate and hot all rolled into one.

Dennis Wayne Morgan Photography said...

Wow!That was a man-size load....

tornwordo said...

It's been a long time since that's happened. Time to work on that.

Gregory said...

Totally. I live for middle of the night sex.

Alterna Chef woke me up at 5 the other morning, but then we kept going until 7.

Sometimes 15 minutes is great. But sometimes it's just not even close to being enough.