Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving eve thoughts

Okay, this is whack! Today is Nov 21st, the day before Thanksgiving, and its 70 degrees outside. Its cooler inside my house than it is outside. Literally I could open all the windows to warm up the house. My neighbor is outside wearing shorts and sweeping leaves from his sidewalk. Another neighbor is walking her dog and not wearing a coat or jacket.

Spouse's brother Frank called last night to say that he & Liz want to come this evening, stay overnight and spend Thanksgiving with the family, and leave Thurs evening. (He has to work on Fri.) Thanks for all the advance warning, Bro! And then there's Liz. Liz the leach. Liz is not Frank's wife or girlfriend. Frank doesn't even like Liz. But several decades ago Frank dated Liz and she took a real shine to the family, ingratiating herself upon us at every holiday. Liz has family of her own, whom she's alienated beyond repair. So Liz thinks of herself as Frank's wife, even though he openly tells her he dates other women, which entitles her to all family holiday celebrations. One year Liz showed up on Christmas eve, independent of Frank, and asked if she could take a shower before joining the rest of the family. Niiiiiice. So Frank and Liz are coming this evening, which means that when they leave on Thurs evening I will have to remove the sheets and towels from the guest rooms and bath and replace them with clean ones for the actual family members who bothered to give us advance notice that they'd like to stay over Thurs night. When everyone leaves I will have 9 sets of sheets and 12 sets of towels to wash. Ah, the holidays with family (and Liz)!

Spouse has decided he's going to cook the turkey tonight so that the oven will be available tomorrow for all the other foods he and sister Mary are baking. I think its a great idea. When the turkey's done he'll let it cool down to room temperature, cover it and put it in the fridge overnight. Then tomorrow he'll pull it out, let it come up to room temperature again, and then stick it back in the oven for a while to get hot, after the other baked items are done. In the words of Alec Mappa, "Marry well people, marry well."

I suppose I should, on this Thanksgiving eve, share with you gentle readers a few things for which I am thankful. Not in any particular order:
  • My partner and his family to spend the holidays (and the other days in life) with
  • My job, which at times is tedious and uninteresting, but mostly is just fine, allows me to work from home, and pays the bills
  • Good neighbors whom I genuinely like
  • Good friends that make the bad times tolerable and the good times better
  • Living near the beach; a dream for many, a reality for me
  • Netflix, which has saved me from countless hours of reruns and dreadful programming
I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Whether you spend it with family, with friends, with yourself, or with your computer, trolling the internet looking for a holiday hook-up, I hope it is exactly what you want it to be. Thanksgiving that is, not the hook-up. Well, okay, Thanksgiving AND the hook-up.

Drag Queen name of the day: Shanda Leer


Doug said...


Oooooh, girl! Liz sounds like a piece of work! Sorry about her and everything that goes with her.

Enjoy the holiday anyway. After everyone leaves, you and the hubby can do all that laundry naked. I have two words for you: spin cycle.


RAD said...

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes your way too. Dougs got the ticket...spin cycle!!! Have fun....

Gregory said...

Hope you had a happy ThanksGIVing as we say in the South.

Lerve to you and thanks for your kind words re: the gallery.