Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving update

Today Spouse was feeling better so we decided to begin our preparations for Thanksgiving.

First we talked about the food were are cooking, and what the family is bringing. Then we surveyed our tables and chairs and figured out a workable plan for seating 19 people for dinner. Then we decided to (finally) put up the mirror and pictures in our dining room. For some reason Spouse had been reluctant to do so until now, saying he wasn't sure he wanted to re-use all the same pictures and stuff from the dining room of our previous house. But after a conversation with me that included such thought-provoking questions as "If we don't hang these items in the dining room, what are we going to do with them, stick them in a closet? They don't go with the decor of any other rooms. I still like these things. Why don't you want to hang them up in there?" he agreed to helping me put up the mirror and pictures. We did mix them up a bit so they're not hanging in the same configuration as they did in our previous house. When finished we both agreed that they looked great.

Next we moved on to putting things away and organizing. Spouse has a habit of pulling things out of closets and cupboards, using them, and not putting them back. I have the habit of letting mail collect next to the front door. So we went through the house and put stuff away and organized it for quick retrieval the next time we need it.

Then we went to the bedroom where I helped Spouse fold, hang, and put away his laundry. Since I work at home and the laundry room is just down the hall from my office, I often do his and my laundry while I'm working. He never needs to wash his laundry, but he does need to put it away. He's had 3 baskets of laundry sitting in the bedroom for god-only-knows how long. Fortunately he took advantage of my generous offer to help him put it away.

The only thing left to do was actually clean the house, but we decided to do that tomorrow. We have plans to be out this evening and want to shower and rest a little before we go.

Spouse's brother Paul just called and said he and his wife and 5 kids aren't coming for Thanksgiving! He gave some weak, illogical excuses that don't make any sense. I think they just decided to stay home and have his wife's relatives over for Thanksgiving, but for some reason he didn't want to tell us that. Whatever. That's the trouble with having a brother who is a pathological liar. He'll lie for no reason; when there is absolutely nothing to be gained or hidden by doing so. We learned many years ago to never count on anything he says, so we really aren't surprised that they aren't coming. So instead of 19 we'll be 12 on Turkey Day.

Drag Queen name of the day: Luce Change

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