Monday, March 07, 2011

Weekend highlights

Fri night we had dinner with 'the usual suspects' and then afterward, in a strange and likely unrepeatable fluke, I was able to convince Spouse to join me and Steven & Thad at the Divas Drag Show at the Blue Moon. (Spouse would be perfectly happy never stepping foot into a bar again.) It was fun and I think Spouse enjoyed it much more than he expected.

Sat morning I made my final trek north for real estate school. We reviewed of our 3 final exams, had an opportunity to ask questions, and heard tips about taking the state and national board exam. I shared the chocolate chip pecan cookies with everyone and then we received certificates. Once I got back in town I met Spouse, Jason & Kevin, and a couple friends who were helping move some furniture and stuff out of a storage unit. I helped rearrange some furniture but they were mostly done when I arrived. To thank us for helping, Jason & Kevin treated us to a late lunch at the Green Turtle. I had a California burger. Then Spouse & I did a little clearance shopping at the outlet mall. I got $130. unstructured sport coat from Ralph Lauren Polo for $32. and a $99. Kenneth Cole jacket for $29. I get tickled when I find such 'extreme deals' on things I'll surely use.

Later that evening we met Steven & Thad, 1 of the Bobs, Jack & Alisha, and Robin for dinner at Claws. I had fried oysters - yum! Jack is in law school and I just finished real estate school so those 2 topics and politics dominated the conversation. Once back at home Spouse & I watched 4th and final DVD in the "United States of Tara" series. It was really good and I can't wait for the new season to come on Showtime so that season 3 will become available on DVD.

It rained overnight so Sun morning we slept in, then met Steven for breakfast at the Long Neck Diner. Its especially fun to meet friends for breakfast on a rainy day. Afterward we met Thad at their house and watched "
The Social Network". I'd heard mixed reviews of it from friends but I liked it. After returning home Spouse went grocery shopping while I watched some TV shows I'd recorded on the DVR. (I hate grocery shopping.) That evening we met Steven & Thad and 1 of the Bobs for dinner at Mixx since they had a 'Buy 1 get 1 free' entree special. I had the Chicken Roulade and Spouse had the Pretzel Encrusted Rockfish. We both liked our meals.

That was our weekend; plenty to do but enjoyable.


A Lewis said...

Well, I tried to go to your other post to say CONGRATULATIONS but you've taken it down.

So there, I'll congratulate you HERE!

Anonymous said...

I rented a car Thursday through Sunday. (Live in a place where a car isn't absolutely necessary, but nice on occasion.)

We went looking for a new couch and sofa and recliner for the living room.

I figure for about $1,300 I can get those three items in leather and sure enough, found them at the price point I wanted.

Then had dinner with our friends Gina and Troy at Phoenix Dragon.

anne marie in philly said...

you are SUCH a social butterfly!

good luck taking the state/national real estate exams!

Breenlantern said...

I wlll not be deterred either: Congrats on passing!