Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy birthday Liz!

About a year and 1/2 ago Spouse & I met a woman named Liz at Thad's birthday party. We liked her and hung out a few times. But a few months later Liz took a job transfer and moved to NY. She came back to visit a couple times and we got together with her then.

Fortunately 2 weeks ago Liz moved back! She took a new job and moved into a new place.

In addition to today being St Patrick's Day, its also Liz's birthday so Steven & Thad organized a birthday happy hour this evening at Saketumi, which turned into dinner.

Thad & Spouse went to Weight Watchers 1st, so initially it was Liz, Steven, Carlos, the Bobs, and me. I stopped and picked up a bunch of helium-filled mylar birthday balloons on my way and Steven brought a birthday hat for Liz to wear. We had drinks and appetizers in the bar area until Thad & Spouse arrived, then we all decided to move to a table and order dinner.

Of course our food and service at Saketumi were exceptional, as usual. They always treat us well there. After our plates had been cleared, the manager Kim (who is also a personal friend) brought out a cake with candles that Steven had brought. We sang the Happy Birthday song and Liz dug into the cake.

We had a great time and, more importantly, Liz had a great time.

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