Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A big decision

Yesterday I 'sealed the deal' and made a decision regarding the brokerage with which I'm affiliating. Now I have a place to go to work!

It used to be that every real estate agent was an independent agent (working under a brokerage) listing homes for sale and assisting buyers with purchasing homes. Nowadays real estate agents can also specialize in just listing homes or just assisting buyers with purchasing (ie: a buyer's agent). For various reasons I've decided to be a buyer's agent on an existing real estate team headed by an extremely successful listing agent. So the majority of my work will center around showing homes to potential buyers who call into the office due to a listing they've seen.

I feel a bit of a sense of accomplishment at getting the offer to be on this existing, highly successful team. Since I'm new it will mean I'll have instant credibility and cache when assisting potential buyers. And the fact that the listing agent has a LOT of listings means there are more people calling in to request a showing.

I can't actually work with clients until my license is approved, but I'm going to start going into the office beginning next Mon to get set up on the network, learn the office procedures, begin getting familiar with the inventory, and accompany some of the other team members on appointments. I'm very excited!

Yesterday afternoon my friend Joey (the mortgage broker) invited me to join him and some realtors for a realtors open house tour in a nearby town. Joey's mortgage company sponsored the tour to promote the company. So this afternoon I met them at a restaurant parking lot and got onto the shuttle bus they'd hired to drive us to the various homes. We saw a variety of single-family homes, townhomes, and condos. After the tour the bus brought us back to the restaurant and many of us went inside to the bar to chit-chat over drinks. It was fun and gave me a chance to tour homes in a nearby area that I might not normally get to show, and gave me a chance to meet and network with other realtors. I told you Joey was a really nice guy!

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Anonymous said...

This is so great. It's amazing how things can work out when the energy is right.