Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Last fall when I learned I would be laid off from my job I thought that the 'silver lining' to the unemployment cloud would be that I'd have more time keep up with the blogs I read and to write more thoughtful and entertaining posts.
I don't understand it, but it seems I have less time for blogging and blog reading than I did when I worked full-time. It makes no sense to me.

Maybe its the lack of a routine.

Maybe its that I'm still doing a lot of other stuff, just not work-related stuff.

Maybe I'm just spending too much time on facebook.

I hope I can get back into a groove again soon. I don't want to be 'phoning in' my posts or missing days/weeks of my friends' blogs. Transition times can have unexpected consequences.


Don Voth said...

I know what you mean Mark! Since I've "retired" and although I don't "WORK", there seems to be fewer hours in the day. Hope you find more time for your blogging though. They're very interesting and entertaining.

D said...

Remember that every contact with you have with a person, any person, could result in a sale. It's your job to communicate with and meet people... use your blog and facebook to that end. For instance, I just had two friends of mine buy a house in Rehoboth... you could have been involved in that through our connection on here.