Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Progress here in DE

Today the committee held a hearing regarding SB30 (the civil unions bill) at Legislative Hall in Dover, DE. Although not specifically mentioned in this article, at least 3 of my friends were among the 50 who signed up and were able to give testimony in support of the bill. One of them was my friend (and personal trainer) Rick.

It never ceases to amaze me that people will continue to haul out those old, tired arguments about how legalizing civil unions will take us dangerously close to that infamously "slippery slope" of humans wanting to have civil unions with animals, and adults wanting to have civil unions with children. Don't they realize that human/animal relationships and adult/child relationships have just as much potential among heterosexuals? SB30 is not asking for either of those things. Its asking for legal recognition of civil rights for 2 people of the same sex who wish to formally join their lives under the law.

And leave it to the great little state of DE to have testimony offered up by someone who was sent directly from Jesus Christ! (Page 2)

Fortunately the 4 committee members were able to process the facts and sift out the sh*t, and they released the bill from committee and sent it to the state senate floor.

If the bill eventually gets signed into law by our Democratic governor, Spouse & I will definitely solemnize our civil union under the law. Just 1 of the positive ways this will impact us is that it will allow me to obtain health insurance through Spouse's employer at a significant savings over what I am currently paying for private coverage as a self-employed individual.

I'll keep you posted.


anne marie in philly said...

hope it passes; PA will NEVER allow gay marriage OR civil unions because the state house is full of asswipes.

ya know, MA and IA and VT allow gay marriages...has the world stopped turning? have people turned into 3-headed snakes? NO! so why don't all the states allow anyone and everyone to get married?

sad, really.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your senators in DE aren't the pussies we have here in RI.

The ones here are so cowed by the NOM crowd that they actually advocate abrogation of their duties as elected senator and representatives, and think that we the people should vote it.

I've said that to a couple of reps and I could tell by the pause in the conversation that they never thought about that.

Yeah I'm a bad one, I email the entire House on a semi-daily basis with supportive articles and you can bet I'm emailing this blog post. Thank you for posting it!